"Netezza Underground" - NPS at Your Bookstore

VP Product Management & Marketing

We had quite a surprise the other day when it came to our attention that Netezza and the NPS data warehouse appliance are now the subjects of a new book: Netezza Underground: The unauthorized tales of derring-do and adventures in resilient data warehousing solutions, by David Birmingham (ISBN: 1-4392-0743-7 and now available in paperback version for $31.54 at

This is not the first instance of the NPS system being the subject of a book sold by Amazon (e.g., SAS/ACCESS(R) 9.1.3 Supplement for Netezza), but this particular publication certainly brought feelings of both fun and reaching into the mainstream with it, starting right from it's very clever cover art (above) to David's clever turns of phrase and real-life examples.

As the title suggests, it was not written or coordinated with any Netezza authorization. So of course we bought a copy and read/skimmed through it as quickly as we could. I will say this, David's self-publication skills are great - he keeps what could easily have been a boring, heavy technical tome both engaging and fun to read while still imparting lots of great information about the NPS system, its performance and its ease of operation. And the book's publication is incredibly current - with references to Netezza Developer Network and "BI Appliance" announcements made only as recently as the Enzee Universe user conference in September.

While I certainly could quibble with a point made here or there about the system, in general I thought it was an excellent book and even put up the following recommendation for it on the Amazon site:

I commend David Birmingham on a book that is at once as lightly entertaining and interesting to read as it is chock full of details about just the kind of performance and operational simplicity that is possible with the Netezza Performance Server (NPS) system. Straightaway from the opening pages, Birmingham's effusive, engaging style and excitement about Netezza's system is apparent, "It inhales, crunches and publishes Libraries-of-Congress-at-a-time - and fast."

He also captures the essence of the NPS appliance in an ultra-succinct two-sentence paragraph explaining just why his "Administration Stuff" chapter is so short, "It's an appliance. Put it in the corner and let it work." I couldn't have said it better myself!

This book is comprehensive and current - even reflecting some of the more recent announcements from Netezza regarding OnStream programmability, the Netezza Developer Network and analytic appliances.

As the guy who is responsible for projecting the Netezza products and our technology direction forward, I want to recommend David Birmingham's book to current and prospective customers and partners alike, or as David himself says on the book's Dedication page, "to Enzees everywhere".

--Phil Francisco, VP Product Management & Marketing, Netezza Corporation

So "to Enzees everywhere", have a read of David's book and welcome to the "Netezza Underground".