New aviation technology helps MRO services soar

Worldwide Industry Leader, Manufacturing, IBM

Enterprise-enabled aviation technology is both a challenge and opportunity. Regardless of how your maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) organization works—whether as a division of an airline, an independent third-party contractor or the service arm of an equipment manufacturer or supplier—you’re operating in a rapidly changing and growing marketplace. As the industry expands, you’ll face pressures ranging from increased overhead and eroding margins to competition for specialized maintenance skill sets, outdated management systems, the need to monetize services without alienating customers and requirements for better insight into equipment and operational performance. The need to support “power-by-the-hour” operations and equipment uptime is especially important in this competitive market. IBM innovation provides an information-exchange platform that supports aircraft safe operations and reliability, regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. With visibility into data generated in flight, IBM Maximo for Aviation can, for example, prepare the MRO team with the information they need to quickly upgrade an airplane’s software to ensure up-to-date functionality, service landing gear that shows signs of wear to ensure uninterrupted operations or replace a broken coffeemaker to improve passenger satisfaction.

Of the MRO capabilities made possible by big data and analytics, predictive maintenance can yield some of the most significant results. Predictive maintenance as a tool to improve MRO operations is coming fast due to the demands of the aviation industry.

For years, legacy MRO providers have invested heavily in custom software applications to manage complex MRO service organizations. IBM announced Maximo for Aviation MRO at the Paris Air Show on June 16, 2015. This new release is the product of pooled expertise from both IBM and Airbus subject-matter experts, resulting in industry-changing software platforms used to support MRO operations. It innovates how asset information is structured and shared across global enterprises, providing agility in the tools technicians and management use to make decisions in an environment that easily integrates with other key business systems. 

IBM has a long history of providing groundbreaking platforms for complex assets in the transportation industry. Leading technology supporting Internet of Things connectivity to assets, execution on Maximo and visibility created by analytics have been now been developed specifically for aviation MRO markets. Significant contributions from Airbus MRO teams have made it possible to incorporate the specific needs of aircraft maintenance with the advanced capabilities already enjoyed by other transportation industry leaders. It’s time for you to take a look—your competitors are catching up quickly.