New Big Data Zone on IBM developerWorks

We’ve got a new zone on developerWorks, dedicated to big data and to architects and developers looking to build analytics applications to derive insight from that data. It turns out developerWorks was already covering big data to some extent, just not in a classic developerWorks “zone” format. And that’s what we’ve done with the new Big data zone at this early stage, gathered all the existing big data assets spread all around the site and aggregated them in an easy-to-find, easy-to-navigate, and easy-to-consume way. Now that we’ve completed that aggregation task, we’re turning our focus to developing new content and assets, such as this new article, “Calling Python code from InfoSphere Streams.”

The word “developer” is in our name, so we’re going to focus on how to develop analytics applications, because that’s really the big deal about big data – being able to analyze and gain insight from data that you weren’t always able to analyze because there was too much of it, or it was unstructured, or it was in many different formats, or it was just coming at you too fast.

Because we’re IBM, we’re going to cover IBM’s big data platform, but we’re also going to cover open technologies like Hadoop (more on that in a minute). IBM’s big data platform includes products that help developers tackle big data on an enterprise level. InfoSphere BigInsights and Streams are two products that include toolkits and IDEs to help you build applications to do machine data analytics, text analytics, social data analytics, and more. We’ve already got a good series of tutorials playing out around using an accelerator for machine data analytics. We intend to bring you similar content around social data analytics and text analytics and there’s an accelerator for telecommunications event-driven data too.

Getting back to Hadoop, because IBM is committed to open, standards-based technologies, and because the IBM big data platform is based on Hadoop, we cover Hadoop on the big data zone as well – both Hadoop for the common man and Hadoop for the enterprise. IBM has a free Hadoop distribution called InfoSphere BigInsights Basic Edition. It’s preconfigured and tested, and you can download it from developerWorks or use it in the cloud to experiment with Hadoop and to build your Hadoop skills. Any applications you develop with BigInsights Basic Edition can be deployed on BigInsights Enterprise Edition. There are more products in the platform for warehousing, visualization, discovery, integration and governance, and you can find those on the big data zone as well.

This just touches briefly on some of the things we’re covering on the big data zone. Stay tuned, visit often, subscribe to our feeds – more will be coming. Before ending, I’d like to use this opportunity to invite any experts out there to consider sharing their expertise on the big data zone. We welcome all experts – inside and outside of IBM – to engage with us by contributing content and participating in our community. You can check out the kind of content we’re looking for and submit your ideas by clicking on the “Submit content” link at the bottom of any developerWorks page.