New Book - "Big Data Governance: An Emerging Imperative"

Founder and Managing Partner, Information Asset, LLC

I will be publishing my third book, Big Data Governance: An Emerging Imperative (MC Press, 2012). at the IBM Information on Demand Conference 2012 in Las Vegas. The book includes contributions from more than 30 IBM and non-IBM individuals. 

It also has forewords from:

  • Inderpal Bhandari, Vice President and Chief Data Officer at Express Scripts
  • Komalin Chetty, Head of Data Governance Office at Telkom South Africa
  • Jay Yusko, Vice President of Technology Research at SymphonyIRI Group
  • Aaron Zornes, Chief Research Officer at The MDM Institute

Organizations need to govern big data just as they would other types of information such as master data and reference data. I refer to the governance of big data as “big data governance.” The book is divided into five parts:

  1. Getting Started—Chapters 1 through 5 provide an overview of the big data governance framework, maturity assessments, business cases, and roadmaps.
  2. Big Data Governance Disciplines—Chapters 6 through 12 discuss how to apply the information governance disciplines of organization, metadata, privacy, data quality, business process integration, master data integration, and information lifecycle management to big data.
  3. The Governance of Big Data Types—Chapters 13 through 17 describe the best practices relating to the governance of web and social media, machine-to-machine data, big transaction data, biometrics, and human-generated data.
  4. Industry Perspectives—Chapters 18 through 20 describe the best practices and case studies for big data governance within healthcare, utilities, and communications service providers.
  5. Big Data Technologies—Chapter 21 provides a reference architecture for big data. Chapter 22 includes a description of big data platforms.

The book includes more than 60 case studies across big data types, information governance disciplines and industries:

  1. Big data governance and the Mars Climate Orbiter
  2. Advanced condition monitoring at railroad operator
  3. Data breach at a major health insurer, 
  4. Operational cost savings from implementing big data lifecycle governance at a European utility
  5. Big data analytics at a brand-name retailer
  6. Geospatial data governance at an oil and gas company
  7. An information governance roadmap at a large pharmacy benefits manager
  8. A big data governance roadmap at the treasury division of a large financial institution
  9. Big claims transaction data governance at a large health plan
  10. Stewardship of production volumetrics at an upstream oil and gas company
  11. Executive sponsorship for student longitudinal data within a state
  12. A blended Hadoop and data warehousing environment at a large transportation services provider
  13. A German politician demonstrates how mobile phones can become tracking devices
  14. DHS apprehends British travelers because of Tweets
  15. An FTC investigation of a company’s plan to publicly release anonymous consumer data
  16. A retailer uses big transaction data to identify an expectant teenager before her father knew about her pregnancy
  17. A social networking site retains information about an Austrian law student
  18. The California Supreme Court rules that retailers collecting zip codes violate a customer’s privacy rights
  19. Twitter data quality at Acme Corporation
  20. The social listening department at a high-end retailer
  21. A streaming application that monitors sensor data in a school building
  22. The use of streaming technologies to monitor real-time network performance at a wireless telecommunications provider
  23. The governance of time series data in a neonatal intensive care unit
  24. Claims data stewardship at a large health plan
  25. Leveraging social media at a retailer
  26. The importance of network master data to big data at a telecommunications carrier
  27. Big data and master data at a telecommunications operator
  28. Leveraging web and other data sources to improve the quality of product master data at an information services company
  29. Integrating email with customer MDM
  30. Retention requirements for telecommunications data for a few countries
  31. The economics of Hadoop as a data archiving solution at a mid-sized company
  32. A network monitoring system that analyzes streaming data for abnormal events
  33. An insurance investigator using Facebook to validate auto claims
  34. Managing social media perceptions at a health plan
  35. FDA regulations for life sciences companies who respond to public unsolicited requests for off-label information
  36. Employers asking for Facebook accounts and passwords
  37. The regulatory environment that governs the use of cookies in the European Union and the United Kingdom
  38. Google bypassing privacy settings on Apple’s Safari web browser
  39. Self-regulatory principles for online behavioral advertising
  40. Web commerce at a software company
  41. Clickstream data governance at a web information services provider
  42. The United States’ perspective—The Location Privacy Protection Act of 2011
  43. Guidelines on geolocation services on smart mobile devices from the European Union Article 29 Data Protection Working Party
  44. Guidelines on employee-related geolocation data from the European Union Article 29 Data Protection Working Party
  45. Smart meter privacy in the European Union
  46. Smart meter privacy in California
  47. Data quality issues at a public transport awareness solution in a European city
  48. Data quality relating to the calculation of electricity outages in Italy
  49. Advanced condition monitoring at a railroad
  50. The Stuxnet worm hits SCADA systems
  51. Securing the smart grid at utility companies
  52. The governance of sensor data within the oil and gas industry
  53. The use of streaming technologies to eliminate duplicate CDRs at a large wireless telecommunications provider in Asia
  54. The centralized insurance claims database in a European country
  55. Big data governance for demand signal repositories at manufacturers of consumer packaged goods
  56. The privacy implications arising from the combination of facial recognition technology and social media
  57. A summary of laws governing the use of genetic data
  58. Big data governance policies to mask sensitive information within voice data
  59. Leveraging big data for health and wellness programs at a health plan
  60. Big data governance to reduce the 30-day readmission rate for patients with congestive heart failure
  61. The governance of smart meter data at a large water utility
  62. Customer matching across data sources
  63. How representative is Twitter data?
  64. Hybrid big data, master data, and data warehouse strategy at a financial services firm

After reading this Big Data Governance: An Emerging Imperative, I hope you will be as excited as I am about big data governance. I look forward to seeing you at Information On Demand 2012. Be sure to stop by during my books signing!

Big Data Governance: An Emerging Imperative, by Sunil Soares. Book signing Tuesday, October 23, 1:00-2:00 p.m. at the Information On Demand 2012 bookstore.