New directions for big data and analytics in 2015

Data Scientist and Professor of Astrophysics & Computational Science, George Mason University

The world of big data and analytics is remarkably vibrant and marked by incredible innovation, and there are advancements on every front that will continue into 2015. These include increased data science education opportunities and training programs, in-memory analytics, cloud-based everything-as-a-service, innovations in mobile (business intelligence and visual analytics), broader applications of social media (for data generation, consumption and exploration), graph (linked data) analytics, embedded machine learning and analytics in devices and processes, digital marketing automation (in retail, financial services and more), automated discovery in sensor-fed data streams (including the internet of everything), gamification, crowdsourcing, personalized everything (medicine, education, customer experience and more) and smart everything (highways, cities, power grid, farms, supply chain, manufacturing and more). 

Within this world of wonder, where will we wander with big data and analytics in 2015? I predict two directions for the coming year. 

  • 2015-Predictions_KirkBorne_blog.jpgFirst, we will see much more integration and convergence in all of the above areas of innovation. The power to be gained through various aggregations of such advanced tools, techniques and talents proves the old adage: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Convergence is where the big action will be.
  • Second, we will see greater development and use of APIs in big data analytics processes, pipelines and applications. The API economy is an unstoppable force, enabling autonomous monitoring and discovery in massive data streams, powering anything-as-a-service and delivering ubiquitous just-in-time analytics for countless organizational functions and processes. 

President Harry Truman once said that “if you laid all the economists in the world end to end, they would point in all directions.” The world of big data and analytics often seems to have similar divergence. That apparent chaos has been a good thing, producing a broad and deep variety of products, services and algorithms across many domains and application areas. We anticipate some order to emerge in the coming year as the big players merge these powerful big data analytics capabilities and provide more API offerings to tap into that power.

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