The new wave of change: Big data and analytics in the UK marketplace

Big Data & Analytics Leader UK&I, IBM

In the UK, the big data and analytics market continues to grow at a fast pace. And while it is a long way from maturity, we have certainly moved beyond the big data hype of the past few years, and are seeing much more crystallization around specific business imperatives that will maximize competitive advantage. 

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Photo courtesy of Flickr and is reproduced with permission.

This is happening across the entire UK market, but is particularly prevalent in the early adopting industries which include financial services, telecommunications, media, retail and some areas of public sector. It is in these industries that we are seeing the deployment of a range of really exciting solutions that are fundamentally changing the way organizations interact with their customers and citizens.

These are also the organizations that recognize the need to look at both sides of the coin: risk and reward. They want to gain better customer insight from all the data coming from social, mobile, search, web traffic and back-end processes so they can deliver individualized, personalized digital experiences across all channels. At the same time, they need assistance to detect, prevent and investigate fraud and help drive that cost out of their businesses.

Of course, these customers want rapid deployment and fast results, and they are looking to the cloud for that. Regardless of whether the data resides in a private, public or a hybrid cloud, there’s no doubt that cloud and analytics are, and will continue to be, tightly joined.

All of these reasons are why we’re excited about the IBM Watson Foundations platform. This platform provides a scalable infrastructure, built to accommodate exponential growth. On the journey from descriptive to predictive analytics, and beyond to self-service analytics and cognitive, this technology is helping businesses from across the UK market make better decisions with confidence. 

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