The next generation of in-memory computing has arrived

Eight features that make BLU Acceleration faster, simpler and more agile

Sr. Social Media Strategist, IBM

In today’s fast-paced and information-driven business environment, big data makes the world go around. Being competitive means finding a way to quickly turn massive amounts of information into actionable data. In-memory computing can be a difficult task to negotiate, especially with the time it takes to process massive data sets and the associated costs.

Thanks to BLU Acceleration from IBM these hurdles are a thing of the past.

BLU Acceleration comes with a series of eight features that make it a next-generation, in-memory database. These include:

  • BLU fast.jpgDynamically keeping active data in memory
  • Prefetching data without needing to load massive data sets into memory
  • Intelligent data skipping for processing at even faster than in-memory speeds
  • RAM too slow? In-chip is the way to go
  • A higher octave of data compression, called actionable compression
  • SIMD processing, which makes the most of advanced processor designs to move the data through quickly
  • Load and go simplicity
  • Pay only for what you analyze

Read the full post from Amit Patel and get a first hand look at BLU Acceleration technology to see what truly sets it apart as the next generation of in-memory computing.