Outpacing security threats with data analytics

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Every day, society encounters unforeseen threats. Professionals responsible for law enforcement, emergency management, national security, cyber threat intelligence and counter fraud need to operate faster than the speed of those threat. They need to have quick access to accurate and comprehensive information so that analysts can cut through the noise created by the vast amount of data now available. Armed with the most relevant information on patterns, relationships, vulnerabilities and potential scenarios, analysts can then quickly assimilate insights and take actions to confidently make mission critical decisions.


As new IT innovations emerge, so do new attacks on IT systems. Meanwhile, traditional cybersecurity measures cannot prevent or deter these attacks because of the speed and frequency with which they occur. Considering that the global cost of cyber crime is estimated at $445 billion a year and that the average attack continues for eight months before being detected, organizations must evolve beyond the traditional IT security approach to incorporate an added layer of human insight into their strategy, allowing them to more quickly detect the threats hidden in data.

Counter fraud

With $3.5 trillion lost annually to fraud and financial crimes, organizations cannot rely on the status quo to protect themselves from the devastation caused by fraud, money laundering and improper payments. Private industry, government/social programs, homeland security and law enforcement agencies struggle to sift through large and growing data sources in their efforts to uncover criminals and criminal activities. Advanced analytics uncover deeper insight to quickly detect, predict and prevent both internal and external threats.

Public safety

Each year, the average cost of crime to each U.S. taxpayer is $3,257.20. Emergencies, crime, fraud and other threats to society have never been more numerous, nor more intense. In every community, local government officials, law enforcement personnel and public safety officials are charged to safeguard the lives and property of the people they serve by reducing the incidence of crime and fear and enhancing public safety. Advanced analytics can shorten the cycle from incident to resolution.

Defense and national security intelligence

Effective and efficient decisions at the point of operation are mission critical for defense and national security agencies. As threats become more asymmetrical and cyberspace erodes traditional borders, moving with speed from data to decision can be a challenge. Yet with the right intelligence analysis solution in your arsenal, actionable intelligence is only a few clicks away.

Make mission critical decisions with more confidence

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