Outperforming the competition by becoming a pacesetter

Program Director, Watson and Big Data Ecosystem Development, IBM

We all have goals: personal goals, business goals, long and short-term; if we work hard, and constantly improve in what we do, we can even reach these goals. But, to achieve any goal, you have to see who is doing it well, who is doing it right and how.

504x504_2.pngFor example, if you want to golf well, learning from the likes of Rory Mcilroy could be very beneficial. Want to become more proficient at long distance running? Paula Radcliffe could show you a thing or two. What I’m trying to say is, if you can keep pace with those two in their respective sports, you are probably doing pretty well. Why? Because they are the pacesetters. 

Having attended the August 21 “IBM Business Tech Trends Report” webcast, I can fully recommend watching it on replay if you did not catch it live last week. Why? Because of pacesetters. In this webcast you’ll learn the three distinct qualities of pacesetter organizations—putting you one step closer to making your business a pacesetter as well.

If analytics is the fuel for business pacesetters, think of Watson Analytics as premium. Sign up today to be a part of Watson Analytics Beta and be one of the first to see what it’s all about.

Now that you know how valuable it is to understand the pacesetter, take a few minutes to watch the replay of “The IBM Business Tech Trends Report” and stay tuned for my next Hub post on citizen developers. In the meantime, use #IBMBTT to join the conversation on Twitter.