Outsmart the Insurance Claim Fraudster

Worldwide Industry Marketing Manager for Insurance, IBM

For years the insurance industry has worked to combat false claims. The industry attributes 10 percent of incurred losses to fraud and accepts this as a cost of doing business.

Individual fraudsters and organized rings are taking advantage of favorable regulations, overworked adjusters and investigators, and a clogged court system to increase the rates of fraud. In addition to suffering losses due to fraudulent claims, insurance companies are diverting precious resources to identify, investigate and prosecute fraud.

We invite you to join the webcast "Outsmart the Insurance Claim Fraudster" on December 12, 2012, to learn how leading insurance organizations are outsmarting claims fraudsters and improving the overall customer experience.

We'll discuss how you can:

  • Prevent, predict, identify, investigate, report and monitor attempts at insurance fraud
  • Equip underwriters, adjusters, investigators and managers with the information they need to make intelligent, informed decisions in real time
  • Identify patterns and trends that can pinpoint fraudsters quickly and improve fraud prevention in the future

You'll learn how insurance organizations are overcoming these challenges with help from IBM solutions for entity analysis. Experts will share specifics on entity analytics, how it is being implemented, and the resulting benefits. Register today to attend this IBM-sponsored webcast, presented in partnership with Insurance Networking News

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