Overview of 'Fail is Not a Four-Letter Word' podcast - Talking Big Data

“If at first you don't succeed...”

Remember, that fail is not a four-letter word.

In this “Talking Big Data” podcast, IBM's program director of the Big Data Portfolio, Tom Deutsch, speaks with IBM's social media lead for big data, David Pittman, on his encounters with IBM customers engaged in big data initiatives.

In mapping an approach to a big data project, Deutsch believes that things can definitely get problematic when dealing with new data and technologies. Although things can prove difficult, he offers the advice: Do not get discouraged.

In the podcast, Deutsch details the benefits of failure and some strategies to leverage them for the greater good. The main idea is to “learn through experimentation.”

It is important to try something else, perhaps, something new. Allow your company to move away from what everyone else is doing. Ask yourself, “Is the price of failure far less than that of not acting at all?”

For more on “Fail Is Not a Four-Letter Word,” listen to the full podcast.

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