Overview of 'Who is best to own the data?' podcast - Talking Big Data

In this “Talking Big Data” podcast, Tom Deutsch, program director of IBM's Big Data Portfolio, spoke with IBM's social media lead for big data, David Pittman, on the question: “Who is best to own the data?”

Although Deutsch states there is not one right answer to this question, he believes that one of the key messages of this topic is to draw a hard line between ownership and consumption of data. He talks specifically about the CMO and CIO and their respective roles around owning and consuming.

Deutsch also previews best practices on data privacy. In a world where social space is increasing, it is important to realize that even though data is voluntarily given up, that does not give you “the green light” to use it. This leads to “The Golden Rule.” Ask yourself: How would I want my data to be used?

For more on “Who is best to own the data” listen to the full podcast: