Paving New Roads through Unexplored Terrain of Big Data

Product Manager, InfoSphere Data Explorer, IBM

In today’s world, many can compare their big data landscape to a vast wilderness. We know it exists and it is growing in size, volume and complexity – but do we know what is really growing and taking roots. Are there valuable resources that, if mined, could create new growth and opportunities? Or are there new risks emerging, threatening those around in more civilized patches? These are the questions that many organizations are asking as they start mapping the journey in exploring the massive amounts of data both inside and outside of their enterprise. It is not surprising that 39% of executives say they cannot turn big data into actionable insight (source: BRITE study) with the varying terrain out there.

With big data exploration, we no longer need to fear the wilderness of what or where content is growing but instead can start exploring to find new value in our data. IBM’s Big Data Exploration solution helps organizations attack this challenge and start identifying the real value hidden in the data and forging a path to driving better business outcomes. We help organizations create a single view of access across all of their data silos, from content management systems, data warehousing, file shares, databases, Hadoop-based systems as well as external sources, like blogs and news sites. As we access the content, we can respect native security and efficiently scale to handling petabytes of data. Once this visibility and access to the data is formed, we can then start deriving analytics in context to really show hidden insights for the individual user.

By creating this single point of access to ALL information, organizations can start driving greater visibility and action throughout their organization. Customer service organizations can see reduced call time by increasing efficiencies in how they respond to a client. Marketing departments can surface new correlations among customer preferences, better prepared to build out targeted marketing campaigns. IT can better explore their log analytic data to discover trends and predict challenges before they occur. Procurement can build out enhanced policy management & compliance solutions reducing overall risk. Once the roads are paved, the opportunity for navigating to value becomes endless.

How is your company exploring the unchartered terrain of your big data strategy? Do you have a plan to drive visibility across all data types, regardless of format or where it is stored?

Check out the new infographic that further describes the uses of big data exploration.


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