Preventing customer churn through proactive customer care

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Communications Sector, IBM Analytics

If companies that work in telecommunications, media and energy want to significantly reduce customer churn, lower operating costs and increase revenue, they need to engage in the moment. In other words, they need to quickly and accurately predict or detect network and device problems affecting the customer experience and address them proactively. Although customer care solutions are by no means a new area of industry adoption, they are quickly moving beyond the realm of being a planned improvement to being an immediate need.

A focus shift from platforms to real-world solutions

In anticipation of IBM World of Watson 2016—where the premier IBM Insight conference enters the world of IBM Watson—view a chat from last year’s event with Nik Rouda, who covers big data analytics for the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). Without a doubt, disruption is still alive and well in the communications sector, and Rouda shares how we’ve shifted from a focus on the platforms to a focus on building real-world solutions.

As Rouda talks about customer churn in telecommunications, he says that this shift is occurring now, and continues to be a hot topic for companies that are looking to make better use of their data. No surprise there, I’m sure, but some of these real-world applications are of great interest to communications service providers (CSPs) around the world. Proactive customer care is leading the pack in terms of helping save millions of dollars, retaining increasing numbers of customers and reducing expensive operating costs.

Business side and customer side

In the chat with Rouda, he and I uncover the importance of looking at both sides of the coin—the business and the customer. Both sides can see and feel the impact of analytics, and both need to be considered from the very moment a solution is talked about for any given application. At that point, business leaders can also decide if they want to take an industry leading-edge or a line-of-business approach to enable them to engage with customers in the moment.

What moments are you taking into consideration? In addition to watching the discussion with Rouda, learn more about proactive care for CSPs.