The problem-solving mind of a digital advertising campaign manager

Marketing Leader, Media & Entertainment Industry, Analytics, IBM

Campaign managers working for large advertising agencies are under daily pressure to optimize the advertising mix. They must maximize clients’ advertising spending, purchase the right ads—while not wasting money on the wrong ones—and monitor what is working while finding out what is not, all while trying to predict a client’s ideal course of action.

In short, managing a campaign is all about figuring out how to target the right message to the right customer at the right time, making the greatest possible use of a client’s advertising budget. But in the hypercompetitive digital media advertising market, doing all this is no easy task. How, then, can campaign managers answer questions such as the following?

  • What clickthrough rate can I reasonably expect for a given advertisement?
  • How much should I spend this month?
  • How much revenue can I expect my client to earn from my paid search campaign?
  • Will advertising for a particular keyword hurt me, or help me?

In the modern business environment, advertising firms must analyze increasingly voluminous streams of data to uncover insights into a campaign’s effectiveness, then segment that information for further analysis. Even small firms can find themselves dealing with terabytes of data in real time. In such an environment, turning such data into insights useful for campaign managers and business executives requires an easily scalable advanced analytics platform capable of crunching through data at speed.

For an example of how one full-service advertising agency manages its data flow, find out how IMM implemented an IBM analytics platform that allows it to analyze a year’s worth of data in less than 2 minutes. IMM saved over one hundred thousand dollars per quarter immediately after implementation and the agency expects quarterly savings to rapidly increase.

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