Protect your customer data with relevant test data

Worldwide Sale Lead Analytics/Optim, IBM

At a time when data breaches and personalized, sensitive data leaks are receiving great focus, individuals and governments alike are pushing hard on the business community to do more to protect citizens' rights and the sensitive customer data these companies maintain. 

Understand the new regulatory environment

In Europe, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) penalty that is going into effect in May 2018 could penalize organizations up to $20m euro (per incident) or four percent of the company’s worldwide annual turnover, whichever is greater. The mere threat that these significant penalties could be imposed is one of the driving forces encouraging further steps be taken to better protect data and improve defense in depth strategy. Further, the GDPR states that companies need to do more to protect personal data housed in both a production and non-production environment.

When you begin to look at evolving regulations around HIPAA and HITECH, PCI compliance and other industry regulations, most industries (and countries) would likely agree that all sensitive personal data being maintained, including production and non-production environments and/or shared with any third party, should be protected. They would also likely agree that ensuring the protection of this sensitive data remains the responsibility of the data owner (company/organization). These two elements — the need to protect data and the responsibility to do so — have forced many companies to look for alternative methods and procedures for protecting, using and/or exposing data in non-production testing environments. Companies that used to download use-case specific test data from their production environment into their many testing environments without proper protection and controls can no longer afford to continue this practice. 

Know your tools

The IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Fabrication solution now offered by IBM helps reduce company data risk in non-production data environments by creating fictitious, yet relevant, test data. The IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Fabrication solution uses a combination of data classification and coverage rules to build test data, in either small or large volumes. When used alone, or when used alongside IBM InfoSphere Test Data Management, Data Privacy and InfoSphere Test Data Orchestration solutions, the IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Fabrication solution can deliver the GDPR data risk avoidance assurances during testing that companies may need.

Read this datasheet to learn more about the significant benefits and capabilities built into the IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Fabrication solution.

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