Pumpkins and keynotes: The race to Insight 2015 begins

Program Director, Analytics Platform Marketing, IBM

Am I the only one for whom pumpkins and keynotes seem inextricably intertwined—the only one who begins preparing to head to Las Vegas when the leaves begin to fall? Here in North America, where October brings the autumn season and Halloween fun, it also ushers in a highlight of the business year—the IBM Insight conference.

As a regular participant at Insight and its forebears for many years, I find that the crescendo culminating in Insight 2015 has brought more excitement than ever before. So much news to share, so many people to meet and so much to learn—all in one place!

Get outside your silo

For those who are interested in data management or content management, Insight is the place to be. But it’s also the hot spot for those who major in information integration and governance. Or are you hoping to share your ideas about the latest advances in analytics and how analytics can affect business? Pack your bags for Insight!

Other years, you might have come to Insight with a laser focus on developments in your area of interest. But 2015 is the year to come to Insight to expand your vision. This year, data management, content management, integration and governance, and advanced analytics all come together in the IBM Analytics Platform. To understand how it could transform your business, you’ll want to spend a little extra time setting your Insight agenda, making sure to learn about areas that are slightly outside your current domain.

Dive into Spark

What do we mean when we say that the IBM Analytics Platform is built on Spark—or that it is hybrid and trusted? At Insight, you’ll discover why Spark and other open technologies have become so important to the IBM Analytics Platform. When we say “hybrid,” we are bringing in all types of data and content, wherever it resides—on premises or in the cloud or both. And when we say “trusted,” we’re talking about our clients’ reliance on the IBM Analytics Platform, as well as the confidence provided by data that is well understood, well governed and well prepared for use as a foundation for advanced analytics that can drive crucial decisions and support key business operations. At Insight, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the experts about all these topics—and more.

In the EXPO, visit all four topic zones—integration and governance, data and content management, advanced analytics, and systems and architecture—along with a plethora of exhibits created by IBM and IBM business partners to share business solutions and spark ideas. You won’t have time to attend every keynote or supersession, but don’t miss the chance to branch out. Rather than attending only a single keynote or supersession dealing with your special interest area, squeeze into your schedule talks on a range of different topics. Who knows—you might even get the chance to see an IBM executive riding a bicycle on stage!

Recharge your batteries else does Insight 2015 offer? General sessions will give you the chance to listen to speakers from companies such as Boeing, The Weather Company and Twitter, and hundreds of breakout sessions will give you the inside line on upcoming capabilities and new releases. Then check out the Demo Center, where you can see it all up close—plus hands-on labs and a dev@Insight zone for developers and others who want to roll up their sleeves and get to work using the latest innovations. Remember to take advantage of executive one-on-one opportunities, and don’t miss the chance to connect with your peers, IBMers and IBM business partners to charge your batteries.

I’m excited about all that the IBM Analytics Platform has to offer, and I’m looking forward to spreading the word. I’m lacing up my running shoes for the race to Insight—I hope to see you there!

Register to attend IBM Insight 2015—scheduled for 25–29 October in Las Vegas—and then use IBM Analytics to accelerate your career journey into advanced analytics and data science.