QueBIT empowers businesses with advanced analytics solutions

General Manager, Advanced Analytics, QueBIT

Whether it’s forecasting customer demand, streamlining supply chains or optimizing product pricing strategy, enterprises depend on their data to help them make the right decisions. But, while large organizations can afford the infrastructure investments required for analytics, deploying cutting-edge tools can be too costly and complex for many businesses. 

At QueBIT, our goal is to help organizations of all sizes unlock the full potential of their data, and make analytics accessible for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Cost-effective analytics

By harnessing IBM Analytics solutions, QueBIT has developed a suite of proprietary, predictive analytics tools. These solutions enable clients to abandon time-consuming, spreadsheet-based methods of data analysis. 

One of our most in-demand offerings is Galileo, a predictive demand-planning solution that helps clients establish an accurate baseline for forecasting and predictive analytics.Built on IBM SPSS Modeler, QueBIT Euclid models, and  IBM Planning Analytics, it shows how changes in demand planning might impact key performance indicators such as revenue, sales opportunities and margins. 

IBM Analytics technologies also support Achilles, our predictive price optimization platform. Powered by IBM SPSS Modeler and IBM Planning Analytics combined with QueBIT Euclid Optimization®, Achilles enables businesses to model the potential effects of pricing changes. Equipped with a more complete view of the likely risks and returns of their pricing strategies, companies can make better-informed decisions to boost profits and foster customer loyalty.

Delivering multi-million-dollar benefits

Since we kicked off our partnership with IBM, we’ve helped many clients achieve impressive results. One leading global retailer approached us for help with stock allocations and delivery plans for over 700,000 stock-keeping units across more than 7,000 store locations. Using IBM SPSS Modeler and our proprietary models, we narrowed down billions of possible combinations to find the best options, thereby helping the retailer increase inventory utilization and sales revenue. 

In another case, QueBIT helped a global manufacturer better predict demand and prioritize orders. By deploying Galileo for Demand planning and a feeding the output into a decision-support solution based on IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio, we helped the client manage orders and inventory more effectively to save USD 50 million by minimizing excess inventory and waste. 

QueBIT is creating new success stories like these almost every day, and IBM Analytics solutions are crucial to making them happen. By diving into their data and uncovering actionable insights, some of our clients have reported sales revenue increases of up to $200 million per year. 

The business case for analytics couldn’t be clearer. By combining our technological expertise with the power of IBM solutions, we’re empowering businesses to make better decisions. To discover more about our work with IBM, read the case study.

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