ReadWriteWeb's Alex Williams: Data Analytics Shouldn't Require Analysts

Think "data analytics" are too complicated for most people to wrap their heads around? Think again.

Alex Williams, editor of ReadWriteWeb, suggests that the consumerization of social technologies is beginning to result in a new generation of enterprise-level analytics tools and applications that are easy enough for anyone with a curious mind to use and understand. The trend, he says, is toward simplicity.

"Data is such a part of our lives," said Alex in an interview for "Analytics Corner," a series launched recently on IBM's IBMBusinessAnalytics YouTube Channel. "What I'm waiting for is the day that data is like flour, and you can make something from it.  That's where there is a huge potential for analytics: to provide that capability for anyone to use data in a way that makes their lives different personally and creates all-new ways for our society to operate."

Alex says he's hearing more and more about predictive analytics from the enterprises he covers. Predictive analytics may be a trendy idea now, but as a general concept it's neither new nor difficult for most people to understand. Based on the data stored in my brain, for example, I can predict with a high degree of confidence that it will be hotter this summer in New England than it is now in winter.

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