Ready for data to change your world? Join us in Munich.

General Manager, IBM Data and AI, IBM

We’re living through the third great revolution in modern business. First came economies of scale, which we harnessed with the Industrial Revolution, the assembly line, and the creation of global markets. Second was network effects, seen most obviously in the rise of the Internet and the Web. Third—right now—we are entering the age of data

At our Fast Track Your Data event, coming up on June 22 in Munich, Germany, we’ll help you become one of the winners in this revolution. 

Disrupt yourself before others disrupt you

We’ve been doing serious analytics with data for 20+ years, but our abilities have increased radically in just the past few years as we’ve made data science pervasive. Today, forward-looking organizations are using new ways to handle their proprietary data—the crown jewels that give them unique competitive advantages—as they embed machine learning and other data science applications into their businesses. 

We at IBM are giving them the tools and support they need to help them do that. At the Munich event, we are bringing together top business and technology leaders to share success stories and discuss how to use data to disrupt your company and your industry—before others disrupt you. 

Sharing success stories from data leaders worldwide

These leaders are driving great results across a wide range of industries and contexts. A big healthcare provider is creating better patient outcomes while improving cost-effectiveness . . . a transportation giant has reinvented its data retention to radically streamline back-office operations . . . our European customers are using cognitive analytics to get ahead of their sweeping GDPR compliance requirements coming in 2018 . . . and on and on.

This event will show you the areas where the data revolution is enabling companies as they:

  • Optimize current operations to intelligently automate processes, reduce costs, and increase speed
  • Increase customer intimacy with greater personalization to make each interaction more relevant and engaging
  • Speed up customer service with smart feedback loops that improve the entire customer experience continuously 

In Munich, we’ll go into detail about how you can achieve these results via the four pillars of:

  • Hybrid Data Management
  • Unified Governance
  • Analytics & Visualization
  • Data Science & Machine Learning

Working alongside our customers in these areas, we are using open source technologies and increasing the simplicity and elegance of tools for use across your organization, not just by data scientists, coders, or other technical pros.

How to participate

The breakthroughs just keep coming, and we want your success story to be next on the list. That’s why we invite you to join the conversation in Munich. There are three ways to participate: 

  1. Attend in person to hear from leaders from IBM and our client companies who are driving real-world results with data and analytics
  2. Join the interactive livestream
  3. Access the online archive of the event 

The journey into the age of data is just beginning. Register now so you can Fast Track Your Data with us in Munich on June 22.