The recipe for innovative Internet of Things applications

General Manager, Internet of Things, IBM

In my last blog, I touched on why open standards and collaboration are key to developing the Internet of Things (IoT). Now I want to discuss how open and collaborative development is a catalyst to IoT innovation.

Developing Internet of Things applications can be a complex task. An Internet of Things application might do anything from remotely changing the temperature in a home to informing an aviation manufacturer that one of its engines somewhere in the world needs to be serviced.

What skills do you need?

Developers can't be experts on every new thing involving the IoT, but a wealth of accumulated developer knowledge makes it easy to stay current. Creating apps doesn't have to be complicated—thanks to collaboration and openness, platforms and environments are available that allow the combined efforts of developers to make the process simpler for all. An open platform ensures everyone has the ingredients to concoct an IoT app.

Where do you begin? of Things applications start with the actual devices. They usually have no screen, a low-power processor, an embedded operating system and some method of communicating with the IoT. But these factors can vary widely from device to device and can impact the ways they interact with each other and with the IoT. The remaining ingredients are as follows:

  • Software and infrastructure, which runs in a data center or in the cloud, receives IoT data. This software is also responsible for management and firmware updates as required.
  • Analytics makes sense out of and creates value from the captured data.
  • The final component is the application the end user sees and interacts with. It might be an enterprise application, a web app or a mobile app.

Developers are primarily concerned with the last two ingredients. The analytics and applications are usually different from project to project, so using a common platform for open development reduces complexity and speeds up innovation.

Introducing developerWorks Recipes

With this in mind, IBM is launching developerWorks Recipes, which is an open platform where users can learn how to create, edit and share IoT applications.Users can connect IoT devices to Bluemix, the IBM cloud development platform that is designed to help developers create analytics-driven IoT applications. Why did we create developerWorks Recipes? We want to showcase some concrete examples of what people are doing with the IoT. We want you to be a self-starter when it comes to development for the Internet of Things. And we have very strong relationships with an ecosystem of technology partners—so this is a great forum for them to show you how to start working with recipes for their devices.  

Begin developing an IoT app today. I think you'll find developerWorks Recipes makes it easy!