SAP users now have access to the acceleration benefits of IBM BLU

Big Data Evangelist, IBM

Transactions make the world go round, and high-performance analytics help the planet to rotate even faster on its axis.

Transactional data, from an organization's e-commerce portals, order fulfillment systems, point of sales outlets, business-to-business applications and the like, is the foundation of enterprise analytics. One of the core features of these applications is decision support, and they can boost knowledge worker productivity by enabling queries, visualizations and other analytics at the speed of thought.

Business users everywhere are demanding that speed-of-thought analytics be an integral feature of their line-of-business applications. To accelerate the metabolism of modern business, acceleration technologies must be integrated into the very fabric of online transaction processing systems and operational data marts, as well as into business intelligence, performance management and other specialized analytic tools.

Speed-of-thought transactional analytics depends on the technologies that are at the heart of BLU Acceleration: dynamic in-memory columnar processing, actionable compression, parallel vector processing and data skipping. In that regard SAP, one of the world's leading business solution providers, made a very important announcement recently. On Tuesday, December 3, SAP released support for BLU Acceleration. IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration works seamlessly with SAP Applications, SAP NetWeaver BW and DB2 Near-Line Storage for BW.

What this means in practice is that SAP customers who've invested in that vendor's solution portfolio can, if they also choose to license DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration, experience 8–50x faster query, reporting, and analytics, with more than 1000x seen in some lab test queries. Many SAP users already run its applications on DB2, which means they can put BLU Acceleration into production without delay. User scan also leverage BLU technology to realize extremely high compression rates on SAP BW tables, thereby controlling storage costs. And, depending on which SAP applications they've licensed, users can also enjoy faster month-end closing, quicker profit & loss reporting,  quicker and fuller material requirements planning, and more rapid simulation of business scenarios.

Simplicity and savings are other key benefits of this announcement. SAP users can take advantage of BLU's speed-boosting benefits without changes to their applications, workloads or data, and without need for a database migration. If they are already an existing DB2 SAP user or if they have DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition licenses, they can start to use BLU Acceleration by upgrading to DB2 10.5 (which, if they are under support, they can do at no extra charge). They can start using BLU tables without having to buy anything extra. Now SAP BW clients can see the same things that BLU Acceleration clients have been seeing in their own data warehouses and data marts. And BLU Acceleration's tooling enables simplified deployment of in-memory technology on the supported SAP platforms.

In short, BLU Acceleration changes the game for in-memory solutions available for the SAP users community.

This latest SAP announcement shows that IBM is committed to helping its own customers to drive speed-of-thought analytics into non-IBM platforms. BLU is a fundamental technology that many IBM partners, such as SAP, are incorporating into their own solution portfolios. Learn more about how IBM DB2 enhances performance for SAP solutions today.