The secret to enhancing customer engagement

Social Business Manager, IBM

anticipate customer's next actionFor marketing analysts, the old adage, “It’s not the data, but what you do with it,” sums up a universal pain point. To complicate matters, one can pose a more significant question: “Is it the right data?” With so many funnels of information from which to pull, and none of it making sense, the data may as well just sit in its silo—and quite often it does.

And from these disparate sources of data, somehow, with limited resources and perhaps multiple unconnected analytics tools, marketers are supposed to grow their customer base and keep those consumers loyal for a lifetime. Given the constant influx of data that can tell you something new about your customers’ needs and preferences, the old ways of crunching the numbers may be obsolete. In the best-case scenario, a marketing leader may have a tool that accomplishes several objectives: 

  • Boil down behavioral customer profiles and segments—in real time
  • Identify next-best actions based on this insight
  • Deploy those recommendations at any touch point and at scale 

IBM offers Predictive Customer Intelligence to address this critical need. It utilizes predictive and prescriptive analytics to build advanced customer models, score customer profiles and make recommendations for next-best actions in real time. The solution also allows organizations to address each customer as an individual, and the recommendations can be executed across any touch point. For a consumer barraged by marketing messages, that level of personalization and relevance counts, and the experience needs to be seamless from device to device, platform to platform.

To learn more about Predictive Customer Intelligence and how it can be tailored to your business, register for IBM Amplify 2016, 16–19 May 2016, at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida. The event gathers subject-matter experts spanning various industries, a Solutions Expo with more than 60 IBM Business Partners and a broad program rooted in advancing the digital experience in the cognitive era. And for a sneak peek into the solution’s benefits, How to Apply Predictive Analytics to Customer Data:

Anticipate your customer's next action