Security First & Integritie Managing Customer Satisfaction With Content Analytics

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Before you continue reading this blog, take a look at your phone's address book. Do you have the number to your insurance company?

I can confidently say that I have mine properly entered...well, I can say that as of twenty minutes ago.

Look, if I really needed it. I'm sure it's on a policy document I have. Somewhere. Or I can just go on Twitter or Facebook. Right?

Not necessarily. Most companies are not prepared to respond to customer conversations in places outside of their traditional call center, web or e-mail processes.

Here's the problem, try telling that to a customer that needs to get in touch with their insurance company after a hurricane.

Which is why there's a tremendous opportunity to leverage innovative solutions to maintain (and increase) levels of customer satisfaction for just this type of scenario.

Security First, a residential and personal insurance agency in Florida, understood that they needed to figure out how to help their clients with the same levels of customer care regardless of how they opted to communicate with them.

Working with IBM Business Partner Integritie, their solution is built on Social Media Capture 4 which leverages IBM Content Analytics for Enterprise Search to respond to their customers who engaged them on social media.

Consider that after a hurricane, Security First must immediately ramp up to deal with tens-of-thousands of claims from their customers and requests will come in however their customers can get a hold of them.

In the event of a hurricane, Security First can also respond to tens-of-thousands of customer communications which are initiated from social media; Content Analytics can be used to read through the thousands of customer’s requests and match customer communications with their policies. Content Analytics is also being used to identify customers who need urgent assistance (based on tone and word usage) to ensure that they are prioritized and handled properly to maintain a positive customer experience.

Security First and Integritie is a great example of how Content Analytics is critical to finding new ways to solve complex business problems.

There is a great customer video of Security First here on the IBM Big Data Hub that's worth a watch. And don't forget to update your address book.