Simplifying the deployment of data-driven business innovations

Big Data Evangelist, IBM

A data-driven culture is essential to business success in today’s world. To encourage data-driven innovations, organizations must make deepening investments in data science, data engineering, cognitive computing, and other core competencies. Just as important, organizations should be fostering collaborative cultures within which the professionals who engineer and model the data are in constant touch with those who understand the applications and own the business outcomes being sought.

If everybody in the organization collaborates in the development of data-driven applications, the competitive advantages can be considerable. Going forward, the businesses that truly disrupt their industries will be those who empower all of their personnel with open platforms, tools and methodologies for data-driven app development.

In that regard, this week’s announcement from IBM and our partners represent a key industry milestone. The key announcements were several:

  • Cloud platform: IBM Project DataWorks with Watson is a new cloud-based solution that simplifies and automates data-driven business innovation. It provides a self-service environment for teams of data scientists, data engineers, and other professionals to collaboratively develop, iterate, and deploy sophisticated AI, cognitive computing, machine learning, and other advanced analytics. It enables data professionals to rapidly discover, collect and organize data from all sources; share common datasets and models; and ensure strong data security and governance. It includes role-focused user experiences, which enable individual data professionals—such as data scientists, data engineers, and application developers--to put data to work in an environment built for their particular skill levels and responsibilities. It also includes solution Blueprints, which package the integration and smarts for specific scenariossuch as data lakes—thereby simplifying development and speeding time to value. Available on IBM’s Bluemix platform, DataWorks integrates with Apache SparkIBM Watson Analytics, and the IBM Data Science Experience.
  • Partner ecosystem: IBM Project DataWorks with Watson leverages an open ecosystem of more than 20 partners and technologies, including Continuum Analytics, Galvanize, Alation, NumFOCUS, RStudio, and Skymind. IBM enables business partners to certify their offerings within Project DataWorks. Customers already tapping into the benefits of IBM Project DataWorks with Watson include RSG Media, Runkeeper, Dimagi, KollaCode LLC, nViso, Quetzal,, and TabTor Math.
  • Integrated development environment: Now in open beta, IBM Data Science Experience (DSX) is the new self-service, role-tailored collaborative cloud-based IDE for data scientists. Integrated closely with IBM Project DataWorks with Watson, DSX is a cloud-based, social workspace that helps data scientists consolidate their use of and collaborate across multiple open source tools such as R, Python, and Spark. It provides productivity tools to accelerate data scientists’ creation of cognitive, predictive, machine learning, and other advanced analytics for cloud-based deployment. It also include a rich catalog of learning resources for teams of data-science professionals to deepen their understanding of tools, techniques, languages, methodologies, and other key success enablers.
  • methodology: IBM DataFirst Method is a new methodology that enables organizations to assess the skills and roadmap needed to transform into a cognitive business. IBM’s more than 2,000 global practitioners use the methodology to help clients transform their processes for data discovery, handling and analytics. IBM Analytics developed the DataFirst Method recognizing that clients are at varying levels of maturity in their readiness to drive data-infused disruption into their business models. The method helps clients to assess the appropriate human capital, technology, and others resources needed to achieve data-driven business success. It can help clients with every phase of their data maturity, from efficiency all the way to modernization, democratization, and monetization. See Harriet Fryman’s excellent recent blog for a discussion of the DataFirst Method maturity model.

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