Smarter content now

General Manager, Enterprise Content Management, IBM

We are living in the age of distraction. We need to absorb more information, coming at us from more different sources, than ever before. It’s creating a kind of cognitive overload that can often lead to indecisiveness and missed business opportunities. To curtail this chaos and narrow the field of distractions, we need to focus. We need to make the abundance of content relevant to solve real business problems, and we need to do so swiftly. We need smarter content now.

181986624.jpgOne of the three major areas of market disruption that contributes to this chaos is cloud. Cloud is the access to data, anywhere, at any time. Without a real content strategy, without focus, the cloud becomes just another shared drive.

An example of a client implementing a focused cloud strategy is CEVA, a large contract logistics and freight management solutions provider that chose IBM Navigator to deliver content as a service for its supply chain technology platform. CEVA was able to use cloud to better focus its content to improve an automotive customers’ business model and supply chain by helping them maintain and monitor low inventory or accelerate shipments. CEVA recently received an IBM Customer Innovation Award in the category of Outstanding ECM Cloud Solution.

Data is everywhere. But for data to become useful, we need to focus on what matters and discern patterns and insights to better engage clients. TIAA—CREF is a financial services company that focuses on retirement, IRAs, mutual funds and life insurance. TIAA—CREF utilized IBM Case Manager for its retirement business partners and is increasing their user base from 2,000 to 10,000 people via six strategic initiatives by 2015. Simultaneously, TIAA—CREF is providing optimal 360 degree case visibility to all stakeholders after implementing the ECM solution to drive engagement. TIAA – CREF is the recipient of another IBM Customer Innovation Award in the category of Outstanding ECM Enterprise Excellence.

Both CEVA and TIAA—CREF have proved that, despite this world of chaos, businesses can achieve what wasn’t possible before with smarter content.

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