A sneak preview of hybrid data management at THINK 2019

Director, Offering Management, Hybrid Data Management, IBM

Organizations are continuing to turn to hybrid data management to establish a solid data foundation for day-to-day operations and more forward-looking capabilities such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

With THINK 2019 just around the corner, 12 through 15 February, there’s no better time to discover the variety of hybrid data management solutions and strategies, along with how each can help uncover actionable insights.

Think 2019 will be full of learning opportunities that range from sessions with IBM experts and clients to hands-on labs, roundtable discussions and networking events. Whether you’ve already booked your flight or are still on the fence, it’s worthwhile to get a jumpstart on creating your personal Think 2019 agenda.

To help, we curated some of the top sessions in each area of hybrid data management below.

Learn more about Db2 customer stories, integration with open source and cost savings

The database is the stalwart veteran of hybrid data management, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. Advancements in integration and the incorporation of open source technologies promise a bright future for those looking to transform their businesses with data. Make sure to save your seat for the following Think sessions showcasing these technologies, as well as customer success stories.

Hear how the data warehouse is pushing AI and analytics advancements

When thinking about data warehouses, what springs to mind for many is advanced analytics and the benefits those insights bring to the organization. That’s why, for the data warehousing sessions at Think, we’re focusing on the AI capabilities in data warehouses and the customers that have done so successfully.

See how customers are using data lakes for better success

With the rise of unstructured information, the proper use and organization of data lakes will only become more important. Think 2019 will offer a range of sessions suitable for those just beginning to look into data lakes as well as data lake aficionados.

Get up to speed on the latest developments in fast data

Fast data is the newest field of hybrid data management gaining attention and with good reason. The promise is insights that keep up with event and streaming data. The following sessions will provide opportunities to learn more about this rapidly developing technology with overviews and use case discussions.

  • Fraud Management with IBM Db2 Event Store. Watch as IBM Db2 Event Store, Kafka, Spark and machine learning come together to form one of the most impressive use cases this year, ingesting millions of events per second and identifying outliers in real time.
  • What's New in IBM Db2 Event Store? The integration of the Common SQL Engine is one of the most important updates to IBM Db2 Event Store since its creation. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn how this will help you build a more integrated, holistic hybrid data management architecture.

These hybrid data management sessions are just a small sample of what’s available at Think 2019. For the full, searchable list of sessions and to begin building your interactive schedule visit the Think 2019 website.