Social hygiene: Why it matters in retail marketing, too

Social Business Manager, IBM

We’ve all run into someone whom we’ve met again and again socially—yet whose name we can’t recall. And when that happens, there’s no faking your way out of it: The person knows that you don’t know. You’ll spend the rest of the evening trying to recover from the fumble, your one solace the thought that you might not see the person again. But what if you do?

Retailers can’t afford such mistakes. Personalization in shopper marketing can mean the difference between a one-time browser and a lifelong consumer. If you were given 20 seconds of a customer’s undivided attention (a generous slot in our always-on digital world), how would you use your time? Certainly not by forgetting the customer’s name.

Accordingly, knowing how to use retail analytics can drive your retail insights. Consider the following:

  • Boilerplate marketing messages have been rendered obsolete. Retail consumers leave a tangible, trackable digital trail every time they swipe, click and transact on your site. All the information is there; why wouldn’t you seize on the data, crafting a campaign about each particular customer?
  • Switching to an analytics-based platform can shorten the time you spend making decisions, empowering you to bring the right products to market when the market is ripe for them. Having retail data is one thing, but making actionable sense of it is another, let alone in ways applicable to your business and consumers.
  • Retailers once offered consumers catalogs full of products in every size and color. But those encyclopedia-sized books have died with the telephone directory, and for good reason. Don’t be an out-of-touch, anonymous brand that fails to connect with the very people who make its business possible.

One major force in the retail beauty industry decided to undergo a makeover. Empowered by IBM business analytics software, it wrangled all its data into one centralized system, transforming its marketing to core consumers by creating a holistic consumer experience. At IBM Insight 2015, hear how a thoughtful retail analysis and powerful analytics platform brought significant changes to day-to-day operations, allowing the company to create real-time personalized offers and localized, targeted display advertising; run consumer-driven store-level promotions, price analysis and execution; and adopt consumer-driven store-level assortment planning and store siting.

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