Social sentiment analysis transforms audience feelings into invaluable insight

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Every company wants to tap into the thoughts and feelings of its target audience, for doing so can help an organization personalize its offerings to give customers exactly what they want. But can we really discover how people feel about something simply by learning what they’re sharing through social media and other digital channels? By using solutions that tap into the power of sentiment analysis, organizations can identify pieces of content as positive, negative or neutral, providing valuable insights into audience feelings, preferences and characteristics that can help predict future behavior.

Step up your game with social sentiment analysis

During the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Globo TV used an IBM social sentiment analysis solution to discover and analyze 80 million tweets mentioning the World Cup—then identify each tweet as positive, negative or neutral, adjusting its messaging accordingly to achieve maximal effect. Moreover, Globo TV was also able to offer an interactive second-screen mobile app that helped ramp up audience engagement by a staggering 70 percent—all thanks to sentiment analysis.

Engage your audience to keep them glued to their seats

Similarly, AMC Networks used IBM Analytics solutions to uncover insights about audience preferences and viewing patterns by combining ratings data with viewer information gathered not only from social channels but also from a wide range of digital channels. By doing so, AMC identified certain shows as particularly likely to be successful, allowing the company to assign them choice time slots while marketing them to their target audience. Accordingly, AMC was able to gain audience share in an increasingly competitive market.

AMC also refined its direct marketing campaigns based on social sentiment insights, allowing the company to reach out to viewers with an eye to meeting their individual needs. Not surprisingly, AMC saw an uptick in on-demand transactions as viewers responded favorably to its engagement with them.

No matter what you’re airing, tuning into your audience can help you tap previously undiscovered sources of insight as you listen to feedback from your viewers, analyzing the data they provide and uncovering insights that help you make smart, data-driven decisions. Watch this brief video to discover how audience analytics solutions can help you transform your data into insights that you can use to boost revenues and heighten your viewer market share.