Solving the silent customer churn in telecommunications with proactive customer service

Industry Marketing Manager - Communications, IBM

Who is the silent customer for a communications service provider (CSP)? It’s the customer who doesn’t call customer service even when they have a problem. It’s also the person who doesn’t fill out customer satisfaction surveys. Silent customers remain silent until that one day, out of the blue, they call to cancel the service.

We know the importance of having happy and satisfied customers. Content customers, after all, are loyal customers. But identifying specific issues customers are experiencing before they turn their backs on the business can be difficult. This problem is especially acute when it comes to silent customers because service providers only learn about the customer’s issues too late—when they receive those calls to cancel the service. through the silence

However, predicting and preventing customer churn, even for silent customers, is now possible for service providers that deploy IBM Proactive Care for Communication Service Providers. Cablevisión of Argentina understands the power of this solution firsthand. The company is boosting customer loyalty, minimizing churn, reducing operating costs and increasing revenue by using Proactive Care for Communication Service Providers to predict customer satisfaction.

How does it work? Cablevisión deployed IBM SPSS Modeler—part of the Proactive Care for Communication Service Providers solution—to analyze over 25,000 customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys and understand feedback from vocal subscribers. Next, the company analyzed over 42 million daily network indicators to examine the health of those customers’ modems in the 15 days preceding the survey. This analysis led to identifying a set of connectivity issues—based on modem data—that are likely causing poor CSAT scores.

Next, Cablevisión identified a combination of network issues and estimated the likelihood of a specific combination resulting in poor CSAT scores. These revelations were then applied to the entire customer base, including silent customers, to predict subscribers who are likely to be unhappy with their service because they were affected by the combination of network issues highly correlated with poor satisfaction. Proactive Care for Communication Service Providers helped Cablevisión create exceptional customer service experiences for the company’s more than 1.8 million Internet subscribers.

“The customers appreciated our proactive approach, so this initiative has boosted satisfaction and loyalty,” says Maximiliano Peppe, manager, customer experience and market research at Cablevisión Fibertel. “Additionally, identifying service issues proactively means that fewer customers need to call the contact center, so we save money on managing complaints.”

Taking a deeper dive

Learn more about this communications provider case study in Cablevisión: Predicting customer satisfaction based on network health helps boost loyalty and reduce churn. And check out IBM Proactive Care for Communication Service Providers to learn how to implement proactive customer care in your organization.