Spotlighting Big Data and Analytics Heroes

IBM launches the Big Data & Analytics Heroes program to recognize leading-edge industry thought leaders

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According to a recent IDC report, the world’s collection of data increased from between 1 and 2 exabytes in 2000 to 2,700 exabytes in 2012, with a projection of 40,000 exabytes in 2020.1 Big data is a mammoth initiative to tackle, and many organizations are still grappling with uncovering its true value. An IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study revealed “only 6 percent of respondents reported that their organizations have implemented two or more big data solutions at scale.”2 Further, IBV research indicates that of the companies that have adopted analytics technology, 40 percent have seen a quick return on investment (ROI) within six months.3 These organizations are waging the big data and analytics war and winning it.


Recognizing early achievement

IBM recently launched the Big Data & Analytics Heroes campaign to recognize and bring peer endorsement to big data and analytics practitioners and thought leaders in the industry. These individuals have taken on the big data challenge and are prevailing. They are in the trenches making big data work within their organizations. They are on the speaker circuits educating their peers and colleagues on big data. And they are sharing the promise and possibilities of big data and analytics initiatives.

By spotlighting these leading-edge big data and analytics practitioners, IBM is lifting the cloak off of big data and unveiling the opportunities for other organizations to be inspired by seeing their peers making tremendous strides. Each week a Big Data & Analytics Hero will be highlighted and honored at the IBM Big Data Hub site, and featured in a Big Data & Analytics Heroes gallery. Heroes also have an opportunity to share their journey with IBM Data magazine readers.

This program challenges the status quo and seeks to expand the mere 6 percent of organizations championing big data and analytics to the numerous other organizations that want to embrace big data and analytics for a competitive advantage. To understand some of their story, these big data and analytics heroes will share how big data and analytics have impacted their business, changed the way they do their jobs today, and can enhance the world in 5 to 10 years.

The first big data and analytics hero to be spotlighted is Dr. Pamela Peele, chief analytics officer at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Insurance Services Division. Dr. Peele said her organization is using big data and analytics for turning big data into new knowledge that can be used “to understand new models of delivering care, particularly personalized medicine. Not only delivering the care, but concurrently developing new models of financially supporting that care because we're both a delivery and a financing system.”4


Sharing the experience

In a world where instantaneity and personalization are seemingly mandatory, leading-edge organizations are those that invariably excel in these areas. By glimpsing these big data and analytics stories, big data initiatives can become real, attainable projects.

There are so many companies doing great things with big data and analytics. Every quarter a new group of heroes will be selected. Stay tuned here each week as other Big Data & Analytics Heroes share their insights and experiences.

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