Start test driving data governance

Director of Offering Management, IBM Analytics, IBM

No matter what site you search, it’s seems to us that self-service data is a top trend in the data market today. The knowledge and insight that we can obtain from data can truly be a secret weapon. But the challenge is making the data available while maintaining accountability and governance.

In the early days of data warehousing and business intelligence we advised  businesses on the value of data but that value was limited to only a few key analysts, quants and executives. It’s a game changer if you can get the right information to the right touch point in your business.

How will you know when your most valued client walks into your store?

How do you know at the point of transaction that fraud is being committed?

How can you suggest the best offer to a client at the right time?

How do you know how to remedy a customer complaint without understanding the value of the client?

I could go on and on, but we believe the bottom line is we need to make data available and that of course causes all sorts of alarm bells in those who have been protecting, grooming and maintaining data in our organizations. The fact is, solutions today have become quite mature on the policy side to assure data is used properly and maintained with the right level of compliance.

But governance isn’t just about managing the data, maintaining the lineage, capturing the metadata. It’s also about understanding what data you have to leverage.

Data democratization

Making data simple and accessible to all starts with a good data catalog. It literally can give your organization the ability to “shop” for the data they need from your data lake. You can also explore data sources for discovery and get more insight to more touch points in the business.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Well the reality is, getting a governance project started is really the hardest part. It’s not the new shiny toy that’s easy to download and try like visualization tools and other solutions. In fact, it’s mostly a complicated process of working with a vendor, spending half a day getting the software installed and then building the catalog of your data.

IBM is setting out to change that because after all data should be simple and accessible to all!

IBM is excited to announce a first-of-a-kind virtualized test drive with Information Governance Catalog (IGC) Trial. Now, in just a few minutes, you can download our powerful catalog solution with sample data, and start immediately seeing the benefits within your organization. No complication, no waiting and no kidding!  

So, go ahead and give IGC Trial a go today!