Strata + Hadoop World: Driving innovation with open data

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Companies striving to deliver innovation are realizing the need for open data and analytics, along with the desire to scale their innovations through the cloud. Recognizing this imperative, IBM announced in February 2016 a wide range of cloud data services to help customers take the next step.

The open data journey

At the Strata + Hadoop World conference, 28–31 March 2016, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California, IBM will help customers with their respective open data journeys. IBM, a strategic sponsor of the event, will engage with top data professionals from around the world, across all industries and from organizations of all sizes. Take a sneak peek at what you can expect to see at Strata + Hadoop world.

Get inspired

As the volume and variety of data continue to grow, organizations have the opportunity to transform their industries and businesses, but many companies are challenged by delivering innovation. In his 31 March 2016 keynote in the Grand Ballroom at the conference, Adam Kocoloski, CTO, IBM Cloud Data Services, will share his experience around this market shift. Kocoloski challenges attendees to join his mission to contribute to the community and invest in the power of open source and cloud computing.

Learn from the experts

At a complimentary beer tasting on 29 March 2016, attendees have the opportunity to meet, greet and chat with experts from the Spark Technology Center and Cloud Data Services teams. Kicking off the event, Satheesh Bandaram, director, Hadoop, Spark and Cloud Services at IBM Analytics, will discuss recent IBM contributions to Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark. In addition, Joel Horwitz, director, Business Development, IBM Analytics, will share details of a pilot program for an open analytics ecosystem. If you’re attending Strata + Hadoop World, get more information and be sure to RSVP for the beer-tasting event. your own expertise

To get started on your open data journey, you’ll need the right tools and skills. IBM is organizing a wide range of educational sessions at Strata + Hadoop World, where experts will bring you up to speed on open tools, platforms, services and applications that unlock the power of cloud-based data.

In the session, Testing and validating Spark programs, 31 March 2016, in 210 A/E, Holden Karau will discuss reasonable validation rules for production jobs and best practices for creating effective tests and options for generating test data. In another session, Demonstrating the art of the possible with Spark, 31 March 2016, in LL20B, David Taieb and Mythili Venkatakrishnan will discuss how Spark can be used by many companies, ranging from born-in-the-cloud start-ups to large enterprises, in hybrid cloud environments.

Challenge Marvin

We all know the game, rock, paper, scissors. The IBM Cloud Data Services Developer Advocacy team has come up with a new spin on it, using data and analytics and the power of Spark. At Strata + Hadoop World, attendees can match wits with Marvin, a robot that incorporates a pattern-recognition engine for browsing a wide range of possible moves to determine the most likely next move. Stop by IBM Booth 1315 during EXPO hours to see how you fare against Marvin, and also take in the demos and use cases covering a variety of technologies in the IBM Cloud Data Services portfolio.

Open data immersion

We hope to see you in San Jose at Strata + Hadoop World. In addition to registering for this event, learn more about how to get started on your own Open for Data journey.