The strong adoption of streaming analytics

Product Marketing Manager, IBM Analytics, IBM
Big Data Evangelist, IBM

Since 2014 the streaming analytics market has seen a huge transformation. It has emerged as a business priority for a few top vendors and open source projects, and it has gained significant deployment in sectors such as healthcare, industrial automation, logistics, smart cities, smart energy, oil and gas, and transportation.

As discussed in the recent “Bloor Market Report: Streaming Analytics 2016,” the streaming analytics market is demonstrating significant growth and is here to stay. This report suggests that capital markets, financial services and banking remain the largest overall market areas for streaming analytics in terms of revenue. And the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices machine to machine (M2M) have the potential to topple those areas as the leading market. The characteristics of streaming analytics are particularly suited to the processing of sensor data, which has already reached a level in which streaming analytics is a necessity, not an option. to Ronnie Beggs, author of the Bloor Market Report, “the future of streaming analytics lies at the heart of the real-time enterprise for driving business process automation.” The study covers a representative set of the leading commercial vendors, based on the judgment and recommendations from Bloor Research subscribers. This report is not about the vendor with the best data stream processing technology. Bloor scored streaming analytics solution providers using the following criteria: 

  • Solution features
  • Solution footprints
  • Productivity tools and ease of application development
  • Platform performance and scalability
  • Edge Processing for the Internet of Things 

Fourteen solution providers made the final cut for evaluation, based on criteria that encompassed a wide range of technologies for delivering streaming analytics. In conducting its assessment of commercial solutions, Bloor used the open, standard bull’s-eye methodology for comparative analysis of IT vendors and products.

Based on its market research, Bloor grouped commercial streaming analytics solution providers into three sectors: champions, innovators and challengers, with the highest-scoring providers in each sector nearest to the center:


As you can see, Bloor placed IBM Streams in the champions sector, owing to the following factors for the solution: 

  • Support for development and deployment anywhere—on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment—with customers across a wide range of industries that include automotive, financial services, government and telecommunications 
  • Integration with Apache Edgent, an open source analytics solution that helps developers build Internet of Things applications capable of doing more analysis on the edge, helping companies generate insights more quickly and enabling them to reduce network communications costs 
  • Capabilities for developers and data scientists to build new applications in C++, Java and Scala and run them on IBM Streams for deeper analysis 
  • Prebuilt toolkits offering functions such as machine learning, geospatial operators and orginal design manufacturer (ODM) business rules to help improve programmer productivity with high return on investment 

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