Successful pacesetters integrate and adopt

Program Director, Watson and Big Data Ecosystem Development, IBM

One word: CAMS

CAMS stands for cloud, analytics, mobile and social. These are the prevalent technologies that fast paced companies are adopting very rapidly. Pacesetters have already built up mature big data and analytics capabilities and plan to double down on their investment. Because integration is their breakaway move, pacesetters combine social, mobile and analytics technologies far more than others. Some of these technologies are discussed below:

IBM Navigator on Cloud

Blog #3 504x504_4.pngOverwhelmed with content? Find your solution in IBM Navigator on Cloud, available on the IBM Cloud marketplace and built on Softlayer’s cloud platform. It syncs and works with all top mobile devices and independent software vendors (ISVs) and solution providers can interface to IBM Navigator on Cloud via open APIs. Navigator on Cloud helps all users (internal and external) to gain value from the ever increasing deluge of content. 

In addition to being a secure, scalable and reliable platform, it is also easy to use and delivered through a modern user experience. For instance, employees can quickly set up team collaboration areas that are accessible via the web through a seamless mobile experience. Also, self-provisioning capabilities allow departments such as sales, human resources, finance or legal to easily customize the solution and content to meet their specific business needs.

Learn more about the Enterprise Content Management features of IBM Navigator on Cloud and give it a try (at no cost) today.

Cloudant – NoSQL DB

The tagline here is: “Grow into your data layer, not out of it.” Unlike scale-it-yourself NoSQL databases, Cloudant is scaled and operated for you. You can focus on code because we've got your back-end covered. Plus, it enables replication and sync, full-text search, advanced analytics via MapReduce and more.

Learn why Cloudant is worth the investment and see how it works with IBM Bluemix.

Learn how to become a pacesetter

The focus on integration with and adoption of top technologies is the final of the three key traits of pacesetters as described in the recent IBM Business Tech Trends Report. Check out my previous blogs to learn more about the other key tenets that make a successful pacesetter in today’s business world.

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