Tailor financial advice to your clients with predictive analytics

Social Lead for IBM Analytics - Financial Services Sector, IBM

I have such a great relationship with my financial advisor that we’ve become friends. We read the same books, have the same opinions on current news events, and I feel he truly understands my financial needs and goals. I had assumed that everyone was just as lucky to have a trusted advisor in their life, but it turns out that it’s quite rare. I was invited to a focus group where a group of six strangers discussed the relationships they had with their financial advisor. By the end of the session, it was clear to me that I’m in a unique position.

The common complaint was that they didn’t trust their advisor to keep their needs in mind when recommending a product. They didn’t feel understood, so how could they have trust in the relationship? They weren’t kept in the loop on how current world events could affect the market. They weren’t advised to modify their portfolio based on the ages of their children or to meet a goal such as paying off their mortgage.

Are these things really that difficult? Perhaps my advisor has an extraordinary memory for the details of his clients, or perhaps he’s mining the data he has to stay on top of his core duty: advising his clients.

But now it's easier than ever to understand your clients. IBM is announcing Predictive Industry Analytics Solutions that can change the way you do business.

Join your fellow business professionals on May 28, 2015 for an announcement. IBM plans to deliver industry-oriented predictive analytics solutions that focus on specific industry use cases and deliver transformative insights to business decision makers.

With Predictive Industry Analytics Solutions, you’ll benefit from:

  • Faster, smarter decisions: You can act on insights from predictive analytics, data preparation and interfaces tailor-made for specific industry use cases.
  • Proven expertise: We leveraged our signature design partners who are innovators from many industries, combined with our experience from 50,000 analytics client engagements, to build these solutions.
  • Better use of limited resources: You can get up and running with analytics quickly with a fast and predictable time to value, because we’ve already done the heavy lifting.

Turn your data into insights that have the power to transform your business.