Take applications to the next level with Apache Spark

Go-to-market leader, Big Data, IBM

There is so much excitement around the power of Apache Spark—the analytics operating system that fuels smarter applications everywhere. June, Spark became the cornerstone of the Spark Technology Center, the hub for Spark innovation based in San Francisco. The Spark Summit brought hundreds together in San Francisco to learn more and build with Spark.

In July, Spark became more easy to use, taking data from concept to app deployment with the Spark service on IBM Bluemix.

Recently, Spark has become the foundation of the entire IBM Analytics Platform—built on Spark, open source and on cloud. 

This week I had the opportunity to hear from the 10,000 attendees at IBM Insight about the power and potential of Apache Spark. What an eye-opening experience it’s been. 

IBM announced the general availability of the Spark Service on IBM Bluemix—a service thousands are already using to build and deploy apps on Spark. 

Data science was a beacon of light in the EXPO space where our own Data Science Lab hosted hundreds of new data scientists, showcasing apps on Spark and teaching others how to build and mentoring could-be data scientists. 

Beyond the EXPO, keynote discussions brought Spark to the forefront with use cases shared by SETI, Silicon Valley Data Science, weather hackers and many others. We talked about the role of Spark tracking extraterrestrial life, powering a new rider experience in California with Caltrain and analyzing Twitter feeds in real time for sentiment analysis. The possibilities are endless and up to each of us to imagine and deliver on. 

Innovation was apparent as we heard from Hack the Weather finalists and awarded the winner. It’s time to take all this excitement and grow our community of data science professionals who are taking this work forward globally. 

Datapalooza is here. In less than two weeks, 300 data science professionals will gather at Galvanize in San Francisco to share experiences, learn, build and rock their data. Every single participant will build a data product in just three days. Sessions will be led by some of the most accomplished data science professionals in our industry and we’ll be announcing several new scholarship and engagement opportunities for future data science professionals at the event. Join this movement. Bring Spark to the forefront of your analytics initiatives. Check out the tour dates and sign up while there’s still space.

Take your Spark journey to the next step. IBM invites you to a free 3-month trial of IBM Analytics for Apache Spark and IBM Cloudant. Use Spark in the cloud to conduct fast in-memory analytics on your Cloudant JSON data. Sign up today and also receive free SaaS Startup Advisory Services to help you accelerate your time to results.