Take the daily Internet of Things Twitter poll

Social Media Manager, Internet of Things, IBM

IBM is invested in the Internet of Things—very invested. Indeed, earlier in 2015, IBM announced IoT investments worth more than $3 billion dollars—a point hammered home when Bob Picciano, senior vice president of IBM Analytics, called IBM’s IoT investments “a major focus ... for IBM because it’s a rich and broad-based opportunity where innovation matters.” Accordingly, you can expect IBM to stay the course, striving to earn a reputation for being the go-to company for the Internet of Things.

Part of attaining that goal means making continued strides, pushing the envelope of IoT development. To that end, we’ll be setting the tone for a significant IoT-related announcement on our Twitter feed, @IBMIoT, with the help of a daily Twitter poll. Check back every 24 hours or so for new poll questions, and look for publication of the results of previous questions sometime after 10:00 AM ET each day. You won’t need to look far—they’ll be pinned at the top of our Twitter account.

Now that we’re several days in and the daily IoT Twitter poll is gaining steam, let’s take a look back at the questions we’ve already asked—you might find the responses enlightening.

Day 1

As we suspected, most of the people who participated know what the Internet of Things is. But some participants didn’t want to put the Internet of Things in a box—take Gowri Sankar, for example, a management information systems graduate student who commented that “IoT is the world, people, object, everything, connected by data.”

Day 2

Not surprisingly, most people who answered this question have big expectations for how the Internet of Things will affect our world.

Day 3

Of the questions asked so far, this one saw the highest levels of engagement. Connected vehicles are a popular topic, and they’ve captured the public imagination. Although 37 percent of respondents chose the right answer, and 28 percent came pretty close, not everyone realizes—yet—just how pervasive intelligent vehicles are expected to become.

Day 4

Doing a postmortem on this poll question might be premature, but most people seem to be well informed about where the Internet of Things is heading. Indeed, from what we've seen so far, people who connect with IBM using Twitter have a pretty good grasp on all things IoT, which serves as a good barometer for us.

We’ve still got several days of Twitter polls left, so be sure to participate in the days leading up to the big reveal. Also, don’t forget about the live IoT CrowdChat scheduled for 16 December at 11:00 A.M. ET, regarding that aforementioned IoT announcement. We hope to see you there!