Taking a hands-on approach for the developer experience at World of Watson 2016

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Earlier in the summer of 2016, I was part of a team asked to schedule sessions for the newly collocated IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016. In reviewing the planned content and seeking feedback from developers in our communities, I realized those who were most interested in the annual IBM Insight conference also tended to be curious about all things that are IBM Watson and cognitive systems. And they were especially interested about their own role in writing the code that powers cognitive apps.

Equipping the developer community

After reconciling those interests with the clear focus by IBM on helping businesses to build cognitive enterprises, I realized we had a true opportunity to equip developers with the specific knowledge they need to build apps in the cognitive era.

As developers build new cognitive applications, they often need to consider enterprise architecture, systems design, data modeling, and database selection and provisioning. They need to see examples of cognitive projects that their peers are building. They need a working definition of concepts such as cognitive and machine learning, while also considering how concepts such as polyglot persistence and offline first development methodology might come into play.

So we designed a full curriculum for these builders who work in data and analytics, complete with teaching sessions, hands-on labs, demonstrations and even a welcome party hosted by The New Builders Podcast. This curriculum provides developers with the insights and expertise required to launch their teams into the cognitive era. The Redefining Development zone features breakout sessions, lightning talks and hands-on labs with technical experts. Developers can learn from their peers how to create engaging, data-driven apps and bring their skills to the leading edge of cognitive application development. highlights for developers

Here are some highlights from the developer curriculum: 

  • Welcome event: “The New Builders: Ideas on Tap,” Sunday, 23 October 2016, 5–7:30 p.m. Pacific, at Rí Rá Irish Pub in Mandalay Bay
  • Session 3591: “Cognitive Applications: The Six Key Components That Influence Systems and Product Design,” Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 9–9:45 a.m. Pacific, Mandalay Bay, Palm B
  • Session 3575: “Building Offline-First Apps for Better, Faster User Experiences,” Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 4–4:45 p.m. Pacific, Mandalay Bay, Palm B
  • Experiences: “Cognitive Interaction – Rock, Paper, Scissors” and “Cognitive Travel – Flight Predictor,” Sunday, 23 October 2016, 12–6 p.m. Pacific, and Monday, 24 October 2016, 8–7:30 p.m. Pacific 

Developers, be sure to register for IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016. Don’t miss this purpose-built experience designed especially for you. We can’t wait to talk to you at the conference.

Immerse yourself in the developer experience at World of Watson