Thanks for Making the 2013 IIUG Conference the Best Yet!

What made this year’s event so successful—and what to look forward to in 2014

From all reviews I’ve heard, the IIUG conference team really outdid themselves this year. This year’s annual event was the best yet, led off by a keynote speech from Bob Picciano, IBM’s new General Manager of Information Management Software and Big Data. Bob kicked off the conference by telling the crowd about IBM’s concentration on cloud, mobile, and big data—and how these areas will be leading concerns for the information management group and IBM as a whole during the coming years. I have known Bob for over 10 years, and I really appreciate him flying across the country to be there for the Informix faithful at this event. Thank you to Bob—and of course to Patty for arranging his trip. Bob has also written an open letter to the Informix community, and you can read it on the IIUG web site.

The conference took place over three days and included more than 100 sessions on Informix, Genero, IBM, and much more (and don’t forget the food and the parties!). Jerry Keesee, Director of Informix Worldwide Development, delivered another keynote where he discussed the new Informix 12.10 release. This new release was also covered in several sessions—many of which are available for replay at the IIUG site in the member area.

This year, we tried something new that seems to have been a big success: moving the half-day educational tutorials to the end of the conference and including them in the price for all paid attendees. We hope to continue this next year. Also, returning this year after a few years off the schedule, we held a final “Ask the Experts” general session. This session was preceded by ice cream sundaes, so as attendees enjoyed their ice cream, questions were flying to the Informix architecture team. It might have been the best IIUG conference closing ever.

Looking ahead to 2014, the search is on to move the conference to a new location, hopefully to an East Coast city. The search is just starting now, but we are looking at two potential dates—the week of April 27 or May 4—so mark your calendar and keep watching this column for updates. We’ve held the conference in the central US and on the West Coast, so now it is time to hit the East Coast. By holding it in a city with a major airport hub, we also hope to help make travel easier for attendees from South America and Europe. Check back here and the IIUG web site for more information—or go to, which will be available as soon as the conference details have been finalized.

On a related note, did you know that there is a Development Edition of IBM® Informix®? This is an all-features-enabled version of Informix Dynamic Server, but with a 20-process limit. This edition lets users learn and develop with Informix, but it should not be used in a production environment.

Want to give Informix 12.10 a road test? Download the latest version, as well as the latest version of Open Admin Tool (OAT), from the members area of the IIUG web site. Simply log in and click the “Software Downloads” button. (The 2013 conference presentations, as well as previous ones, are available by clicking the Conference Downloads button.)

Remember: this is fully functional software courtesy of IBM for IIUG members, but do not use it in a production environment or to replace Informix in your work environment. It is simply a way to learn what is in the new release, so please respect that.

A whole host of thanks are definitely in order before I close this column. Thank you to the outstanding IIUG 2013 conference team, all the IBMers who assisted in the production of this event, and all of our excellent speakers—without each of you, this event would not have happened. Finally, a big thank you to the entire Informix development and support team.

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