Thinking Inside the Box to become IBM's Big Data Hub

Social Media Strategy Lead - Information Management, IBM

Visitors to IBM Netezza's "Thinking Inside the Box" may find something quite unexpected when they visit the site in the next few days.  "Thinking Inside the Box" is becoming the IBM "Big Data Hub".  While much of the content you've come to expect on "Thinking" will still be represented, we're expanding the focus to encompass a rapidly growing conversation in our marketplace -- the conversation about big data.

Over the last several months, we've conducted an ongoing social analytics study, delving into the big data conversation. We wanted to find out what themes comprised that conversation, what questions sparked it and who participated.  When we reviewed the study's findings we found that there were more questions than answers out there.  We found a hunger, not to understand what big data is, but rather to understand how it can be used to deliver consistent business value.    

We're transitioning "Thinking Inside the Box" into the IBM "Big Data Hub" to answer those questions.  Our goal is to connect visitors to big data content created by both internal IBM and external subject matter experts.  By providing our visitors with valuable perspectives, multi-media resources and access to the very individuals leading the big data conversation, we hope to create a "go-to" destination for big data knowledge-gathering.

Please use the contact us feature or individual blog comment features to let us know if we're achieving our goal and creating a big data destination that is both relevant and valuable to your big data pursuits.