Top 10 Safer Planet stories of 2015: How data and analytics are keeping us safe

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In 2015, we launched IBM Analytics for a Safer Planet. The Safer Planet portfolio provides a sophisticated suite of solutions for quickly aggregating and querying massive amounts of data, producing insights that can help those who are responsible for our safety confidently make mission-critical decisions.

The following videos, blog posts, presentations, lists, infographics and podcasts struck a chord with readers, viewers and listeners during 2015 as they demonstrated the importance of data analytics in public safety, intelligence, cyber threat analysis and emergency management—not only now, but in years to come. Here’s the countdown:

Combating unemployment insurance fraud with big data analytics

Can you tell whether your personally identifiable information (PII) is being used in unemployment insurance scamsOrganized criminals have begun advancing their operations into areas of fraudulent activity that cut their risk exposure while making their activity ever more difficult to spot. How can we stop unemployment insurance fraud?

Cyber Beat: What is cyber threat analysis?

To identify, disrupt and mitigate breaches, we must first understand how cyber threat analysis works. What, then, is the right recipe for neutralizing cyber threats? How can we identify patterns of abnormal and dangerous activity that masquerade as normal daily behavior?

Transforming data into actionable intelligence to create a safer planet

We expect members of defense and national security agencies to act with almost superhuman intelligence, speed and confidence. But how are they able to do so? Learn their secrets by watching examples of real-world missions.

IBM Public Sector Talks #2: Emergency management and analytics at work

Many challenges face emergency management, but some are particularly important. For example, how can different entities communicate effectively during crisis events? Can data and analytics enhance situational awareness? Learn more in this discussion with nationally recognized speaker and author Adam Crowe, director of emergency preparedness at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Outpacing security threats with data analytics

What are the four pillars of the Safer Planet Portfolio, and why is analytics playing such a major role in these branches of security? Discover the alarming statistics that lie behind the drive to incorporate data and analytics into security processes.

Let predictive analytics be your guide through stormy weather

Weather data is never more important than in emergency management. From predicting disasters and mitigating damages to deploying weather-related sensors and leveraging the Internet of Things, discover why the future of emergency management is tied to data and analytics.

Top 12 predictions for 2016 from leading cybersecurity experts

Already this list of predictions by leading cybersecurity experts has become one of our most popular presentations of the year. How will you prepare for what lies ahead in cybersecurity—in 2016 and beyond?

IBM presents a safer planet

Remember when hardened detectives solved cases while taking notes in a stenographer’s pad? That served them well then, but today’s crime fighters have evolved to keep pace with modern criminals. This series of short videos highlights advancements in cybersecurity made possible through use of data and analytics.

5 places in your city where analytics are making a difference

Where is analytics taking up residence in your city? From hospitals to sports stadiums, discover where you’re most likely to find analytics no matter where you are.

Creating a safer planet with smarter analytics solutions

To call data and analytics game-changers is to toy with understatement. When an organization is responsible for national security, emergency response or public safety, nothing is a game. When losing is not an option, analytics is critical. Learn why in our most popular post, introducing the Safer Planet Portfolio.

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