Torchbearer or follower: Priorities for today’s CIO

Program Director, Analytics Platform Marketing, IBM

“New business models are disrupting the industry,” according to one CIO surveyed in the latest IBM Institute of Business Value study of the C-suite. “Is that a business problem or a technology problem?”

More than 1,800 CIOs from across the globe shared their insights in this study, commenting on topics ranging from insight and intelligence (named by 85 percent of CIO respondents as a top strategic priority for transforming their organizations) to cloud computing and services (identified by 66 percent of CIO respondents as the technology most likely to revolutionize business).

Join us in this CrowdChat hosted by @IBMBigData to discuss trends affecting CIOs, the CIO role itself, challenges facing the CIO and the priorities CIOs are setting to help organizations thrive in a world of changing markets, competition, organizational culture and technology. The chat will explore multiple dimensions of the CIO role and address the following questions:

  • do you explain your CIO role to your children or your parents?
  • What is the biggest trend you see on the horizon that will have an impact on your organization?
  • What new technologies will have the most significant impact on your organization in the next three to five years?
  • How much time do you spend on being an operational CIO versus a transformational CIO?
  • What are your top strategic priorities for transforming your organization?
  • How important is an agile culture—one that supports "fast failure"—to the success of your organization? How are you moving toward a startup behavior pattern (if you are)?
  • What barriers have you faced in helping your organization shift from intuition to facts as the basis for decisions?
  • Does your organization have a Chief Data Officer (CDO)? If so, how are you working with him or her?

If this event is your first CrowdChat experience, don’t be concerned. It’s easy to join in and follow the conversation thread—as either a silent listener or an active participant. A CrowdChat organizes tweets into logical streams of conversation. We’ll start a conversational thread, and anyone who wants to participate can chime in. Even if you don’t post a comment, you can still influence the results by voting for your favorite comments so they will be featured more prominently in the conversation. Interested in a quick introduction? Check out this CrowdChat demo video.

Please add this CrowdChat to your calendar for Thursday September 15, 2016 at 1:00 PM ET and plan to join and learn from other participants—and perhaps share some of your own ideas and best practices.