Transforming the telecommunications industry, one customer at a time

Industry Marketing Manager - Communications, IBM

Telcos are sitting on a wealth of data with customer interaction data across various channels: call center call recordings, in-store and website visits, social media conversations and more. Customers are telling service providers what to build as new offerings, how to promote them and what investments in network infrastructure would yield best returns in terms of superior quality of experience and increased loyalty. So, how does a communications service provider listen to their customers, deliver superior business results, increase revenue, improve customer loyalty and control cost?

Let’s look a typical call center scenario at a fictitious communications service provider called SuperFast Communications. SuperFast Communications provides wireless services across the continental United States. Bryan is a customer of SuperFast Communications and calls into the call center. Bryan is connected with Susan, the call center representative and he reports two issues with his SuperFast wireless service on his Smart phone:

  • Bryan is getting a lot of dropped calls while using his popular VoIP (Voice over IP) app
  • Bryan is experiencing poor network reception when he is at Grand Central Terminal (he takes the train to work every day, so it’s a major pain point for him!)

How does Susan solve Bryan’s problems? Can she address Bryan’s problems and convert them into revenue generation opportunities? Can Tim, the network engineer lead, address issues from subscribers like Bryan without breaking the bank? Can John, the new product development lead at SuperFast Communications, build new offerings based on feedback from Bryan and other subscribers? How does Debra, the marketing manager for SuperFast Communications, figure into all of this?

Watch this exciting video based on live IBM customer deployments and references of IBM Watson Foundations technology answering all of these questions and more!

IBM Watson Foundations is transforming telecommunications industry, converting customers like Bryan into loyal subscribers and promoters, adding network capacity where it will have the biggest impact on quality of experience for subscribers and creating new revenue and profit streams for service providers.

Find out what Watson can do for you.

I will see you back in a few days with a recap of GSMA’s Mobile World Congress 2014!