Transforming work in the cloud: IBM at BoxWorks 2015

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Since the announcement of the IBM-Box strategic partnership, many clients, industry professionals and members of the technical community have expressed interest in the possibilities that the partnership presents. In addition to being curious about the status of the partnership, clients want to experience for themselves the types of integrations IBM and Box are working on.

Fortunately, companies can tap into the opportunities that the partnership has to offer at BoxWorks 2015, 28–30 September 2015 in San Francisco, California. As a conference preview, the IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub reached out to Noah Kuttler, ECM marketing at IBM, to ask him a few questions about what you need to know about the conference.

It's been a few months since the announcement, can you give us an update on the strategic partnership that IBM established with Box?

Since June, we've been making the rounds with many of our clients and the analyst community, and their response has been extremely positive.

I'm a marketing guy, so you'll have to indulge me for a moment when I talk about our messaging. With this strategic partnership, IBM and Box are going to "transform work in the cloud." 80 percent, or more, of what you work with during the day can be classified as "unstructured data" (most people call it content). We need to be smarter about how we approach and solve the problems that all of this content presents, which is why the partnership reminds me of this ad from the 1980s. You'll notice at the end of the ad, they're rocking out together. Well, internally that's what's been going on with IBMers and Boxers. The folks that we have been working with at Box are quite frankly some of the sharpest professionals I’ve ever worked with in my 19 years of technology marketing. Our corporate cultures share many of the same values, which has allowed us to hit the ground running and “rock out” together. I can’t wait for people to see what’s next. And the place to see what’s next for the IBM-Box partnership is at BoxWorks 2015, 28–30 September in San Francisco, California.

BoxWorks 2015 is what's next, so what can clients look forward to inside the Moscone Center?

For folks that are attending, you'll see a nice big IBM booth in the Pavilion where we'll have stations for everything from security and cloud to Watson Analytics, mobile and of course Enterprise Content Management (ECM). At each of these stations we will talk to attendees about the integrations we're doing in these areas with Box, and how we’re transforming work on the cloud for our clients. I will be staffing the ECM ped, so if you’re attending, stop by and introduce yourself. You may just walk away with some cool tchotchkes.

What about sessions? Which sessions should attendees look out for?

There are a number of great opportunities to hear from IBMers at BoxWorks 2015. First, I'd recommend attending both keynotes, and expect to see a few familiar faces.

We will have a number of different sessions that are going on in and around BoxWorks:

  • Reimagining ECM for the modern enterprise takes place Tuesday, 29 September 2015, at 11:30 AM. Rich Howarth, ECM vice president of product and strategy at IBM, joins Rand Wacker, vice president of enterprise product at Box and Cheryl McKinnon, analyst at Forrester.
  • Build for the mobile worker: Powering your mobile apps with Box is also Tuesday at 3:30 PM. John Beck, MobileFirst for iOS portfolio marketing leader at IBM will be joining the panel discussion.
  • A security theater session around MaaS360 takes place Tuesday evening at 6 PM in the pavilion, presented by Kaushik Srinivas.
  • Crystal ball: A look at the Box roadmap is Wednesday, 30 September 2015, at 11:15 AM. Mohammed Attar, director of IBM ECM product management will be joining this very popular session.
  • IBM and Box: The future of content collaboration in the enterprise is also on Wednesday at 2:45 PM Pacific. Ian Story, program director at IBM, and Jonathan Elton, product manager, StoredIQ, at IBM, along with Box, will go through a live demonstration and talk about integrations.
  • Information governance in the digital age is Wednesday at 4 PM Pacific. James Schellhase, business leader, Information Lifecycle Governance, and StoredIQ founder and president will be joining this session. 

As you can see, there will be a lot going on.

What about people that don't attend BoxWorks? How can they learn more about what's next in terms of the strategic partnership?

Stay tuned to the @IBM_ECM Twitter feed and the IBM ECM blog site for updates from Deepthi and Misty from our amazing social media team. Expect coverage of everything happening at BoxWorks 2015, and make sure to join in on the conversation by using the hashtag #IBMandBox. You can also follow me @noahgk for live updates from the conference.

I also recommend reaching out to your IBM client representative or IBM Business Partner and asking them to speak to you about the latest IBM ECM integrations with Box. "Operators are standing by," and they're ready to go through this with you at your company.

If we miss you at BoxWorks, take a few minutes to register for IBM Insight 2015, 26–29 October 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Insight 2015 is the place to be to learn about all things IBM and Box. And yes. There will also be cool tchotchkes.