Turning Insight Into Action, IOD 2011 Monday Press Conference

Social Media Strategy Lead - Information Management, IBM

Standing room only (and there wasn’t much of that either) at the “Turn Action into Insight” Press Conference at this year’s #IOD11. 

Dave Laverty opened the press conference talking about the importance of putting insight into the hands of decision-makers to ultimately drive outcomes.  With that short intro, it was on to the product announcements, like the new Hadoop-based analytics software on the cloud, that helps to churn through unstructured data to put that valuable resource at your fingertips.  Also the Cognos Mobile App and SPSS Statistics 20 got a mention.  The latter said to provide “a whole new dimension in the way customers visualize their data”.

Laverty then turned the podium over to Steve Mills, Senior Vice President of IBM Software Group.  Sharing year-over-year statistics that point to a growing event, Mills recognized the scale of customer involvement, citing it as the key to the event’s success.   The purpose of the event, to highlight the use of information technology to understand “what is happening now” and “what may happen in the future” becomes ever more relevant as the world’s data volumes and analytic performance needs increase at exponential rates.

IBM’s first event speaking to business statistics and analysis occurred in 2006, since then, through acquisition and organic growth, this market has become one of IBM’s most critical, with an estimated market potential of more than $16 Billion.  Mills said it’s all about “leveraging the art of the possible”.  Investment will increase as companies continue to optimize their operations, manage their risk and leverage analytics for competitive advantage.

Lars Christensen, VP of Plant Siting for Vestas Smarter Wind Energy then took the stage to speak to the importance of accurate forecasting in site selection.  Vestas will tap IBM’s analytics expertise in the form of a team of big data analytics project specialists, 24/7 tech support and virtual access ot IBM’s big data development lab in Silicon Valley – all in the name of finding new ways to harness the power of wind to meet the world’s energy challenges.

John Lucas, Director of Operations for the Cinncinnati Zoo, then spoke about turning to IBM a few years ago to help optimize their operations and condense multiple data stream into a single view of their performance.  Beginning with Cognos 8, optimization has yielded more than $500K in new revenue attributed solely to optimization derived from better analytics of deep consumer insights around spending habits and consumer communication.

Just two of many customers that have become the embodiment of what IBM terms the “Smarter Planet”, a world driven by insight, derived from analytics, to create smarter actions.