Turning a Page

IBM Data magazine announces the next step in its evolution: Consolidation into the <br><span style="color: #00ccff;">IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub</span>

Big Data Evangelist, IBM

In the world of data management, one constant is change. And for nearly two decades, this award-winning publication, branded with several names, has chronicled the evolution of the technology of data—first as a print publication, then in both print and online versions, and later in its current online-only form. Moreover, it has served a community of data and information management professionals with a steady beat of highly engaging coverage for databases, data and information management, and many other technologies that impact the operational efficacy of enterprise IT.

Along the way, IBM Data magazine has built a vast library of high-quality, trade journal–style feature articles and columns. It has also offered myriad pointers to videos, podcasts, infographics, white papers, reports, and other forms of content. Its capacity as a rich knowledge base and a research tool has steadfastly offered readers leading-edge technical discussions and provocative, thought-leadership discourse.

In addition to detailed information on the evolving versions of the IBM® DB2® database, the IBM Informix® database, and other IBM hardware and software offerings over the years, coverage also expanded to keep readers up to date on many advances in other technology areas. Examples include analytics, big data, business intelligence, cloud computing, cognitive computing, enterprise-scale databases and data warehousing, information integration and governance, in-memory processing, machine learning, mission-critical applications, open data, visualization, and much more.

A time to transform

Beginning in the spring of 2015, IBM Data magazine evolves once again, becoming the centerpiece of thought leadership, value-oriented business content, and social engagement within the IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub—aka “the Hub.” In this expanded channel, our longtime readers will have an even deeper, more comprehensive view of the nonstop innovation in this new era. As always, the content will help readers see the value of big data analytics in their organizations, to think creatively about applications and practices, and to manage their data assets effectively and securely with heightened consistency and efficiency.

In addition, cost-efficient, high-capacity storage for massive volumes of structured and unstructured data; in-memory processing; and cloud-based delivery of applications, programming platforms, and services, among other advances, offer enterprises tremendous opportunities to grow the business or creatively solve complex problems. Other progressions—such as analysis of streaming data in real time from sensor, mobile, and social media sources—are evolving precipitously in parallel with the captivating complexities of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, data science, machine learning, and more. Indeed, in the enterprise IT space even more exciting times than ever before are on the horizon.

As a result, moving forward with an expanded, unified Hub makes perfect sense to establish a single, dynamic repository for hosting data technology content in these interesting times. In addition to expanding the Hub’s content library, this transformation also deepens the roster of analysts, bloggers, data scientists, executives, experts, IBM Business Partners, industry luminaries, pundits, scientists, thought leaders, and other contributors. And as the many viewers of both websites know, a substantial number of these contributors have been generating content for both sites for quite some time. The timing, therefore, couldn’t be better to bring the entire team together in a single, robust, and lively Hub environment.

Stay tuned for other announcements from the Hub in the coming weeks and months. The abundant new content on tap will make the Hub experience better than ever as a resource for obtaining timely coverage of technological advancements that are and will continue to be the keen focus of the broad community it serves.

A hub of participation

We invite IBM Data magazine readers to participate in the vibrant, dynamic Hub community. Visit the Hub and check out the latest blogs from not only the contributors you enjoy and loyally follow, but also the many new voices sharing other perspectives. Also visit the Hub to partake in lively discussions, see engaging videos, view informative infographics, study interesting use cases, and stay abreast of developments in industry segments.

Visit the IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub, and visit often.