Twitterchat Preview: Simplifying the Complex

Social Media Strategist, Information Management

Big data need not mean bigger complexity. But we often hear from people dealing with sprawling, messy, complex infrastructures who fret that each new system or data set seems to add additional complexity and chaos.

In many cases, the very BI tools that promise to shed light on your data really just generate some very ugly SQL.

How are your DBAs spending their time? Are they untangling complexity, or are they focused on strategy and business needs?

Join us for an #ibmblu twitterchat on Wednesday, August 7 at 1 PM ET to discuss how to simplify the complex, and what it can mean for your work. Think about your ugliest SQL: rows scanned, join counts, aggregations, columns sorted, etc, and come to discuss remedies. Together, we’ll figure out how to make databases bend to the whims of the bad SQL so many of us encounter.

Some discussion questions to consider:

  • What is your ugliest SQL? rows scanned, join counts, aggregations, columns sorted, etc
  • How can you accelerate those slow, hardcoded, ugly SQL statements in your OLTP system?
  • What has the biggest ROI – simplifying the infrastructure, or the lives of those working with it?
  • Is indexing as a means of obtaining better performance going away? Why/why not?
  • How can row and columnar data coexist without rewriting/changing the tooling of your analytics systems?
  • How can you simplify those complex transactional systems?
  • What does your dream SQL look like?

Anything else you'd like to discuss? Share your suggestions below, and join us on Wednesday, August 7 at 1 PM ET at #ibmblu. For more inspiration, check out our recap from the last #ibmblu chat, Speed of Thought Analytics.