Unveiling the all-new IBM Cognos Analytics, fueled by AI

Director of Offering Management, Business Analytics, IBM

Analytics is what allows organizations to make data-driven decisions. That’s why we’ve seen a proliferation of self-service Business Intelligence (BI) tools across every industry. These tools create beautiful, useful dashboards that give everyone from front-line managers to executives a snapshot of “what’s happening” in their business. But frequently they can’t answer the most important question: “Why is it happening?”

Many people agree that artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to the future of business. However, unlocking the full potential of AI has proven elusive for many companies, especially at the enterprise level.

That’s why, today, at IBM Analytics University 2018 in Miami, we unveiled the all-new IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1, driven by AI. This new release goes beyond visualizations by enhancing our trusted platform with new capabilities like: an AI conversational assistant, advanced analytics, AI-recommended visualizations and insights, and user-centric data prep and modeling. See how it’s going help companies get to the why:

We’re committed to helping companies ranging from large enterprises to small businesses on their journey to AI. That’s why we’re infusing traditional analytics with augmented intelligence and embedded analysis. We’re moving beyond descriptive dashboard reporting and putting advanced analytics, smart data discovery, natural language query and sophisticated data storytelling capabilities into the hands of every data-driven professional.

IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1 can help you remove technical barriers and automate data preparation and analysis so users can work more efficiently and effectively. It uses augmented intelligence-driven conversations that can learn and adapt to individual needs. More importantly, the platform can give you precise answers based on contextual recommendations. And, its built-in automating pattern detection can help you find better answers by surfacing hidden insights and reducing human bias.

We aren’t talking about multiple products or solutions. This is one solution. The all-new Cognos Analytics is a single, easy-to-use platform designed to meet all of your managed and self-service analytics needs, without losing the analytics governance that sets Cognos Analytics apart.

Interested in what industry publications are saying about Cognos Analytics? ZDNet highlighted its new automation capabilities and “more intuitive features.” SiliconAngle wrote the AI Assistant, writing that it’s based on natural language processing technology and allows users to make queries in their natural voice and receive spoken answers.” SDTimes and TechTarget also covered what’s new in Cognos Analytics.

To catch the full replay of the announcement made today at IBM Analytics University 2018, click here.