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Have you wondered to yourself – or asked out loud – “What is big data?” Chances are pretty high you have, and if so, you are certainly far from being alone. If you do a Google search, you’ll get a list of more than 675 million results for the phrase “What is big data?” To us, that alone is “big data.”

Since we first created that page, we have fielded the question “What is big data?” hundreds, probably thousands of times: by email, on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, in blog comments, and yes, even in person.

There is no denying the high level of interest and curiosity about the topic. But in working with scores of clients across many industries around the world, we have discovered that people quickly move beyond asking “what is” to questions of greater importance:

  • “What can I do with big data?”
  • “How will my organization benefit from big data?”
  • “What are other organizations doing in this area?”
  • “How can I gain a competitive advantage?”
  • “What are the insights that will help us improve our processes and results?”
  • “How can I leverage big data in my enterprise to deliver true business value?”

In fact, we realized there were far more questions than answers. That’s why we are launching The Big Data Hub. We aim to arm you with the knowledge we have gleaned from our own extensive research and development, as well as the experience gained from helping organizations like yours plan and execute successful big data initiatives.

We will serve you a range of materials to help you gain a basic understanding of big data and related topics, such as cloud and streaming computing, Hadoop, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, and the many other funny-named technologies.

But more than that, we will bring you keen insights from thought leaders outside of IBM, so you will benefit from innovative ideas coming from the best and the brightest. Toward that end, if you have favorite “big data luminaries,” or if you have valuable insights yourself, let us know about them. We are actively seeking to identify and partner with a variety of contributors who will help keep the content fresh and balanced, and the perspectives varied.

We encourage you now to explore The Big Data Hub. You will find interesting content in a variety of formats – from written white papers and case studies to podcasts, slideshows and videos. And much of it is mobile-friendly so you can take it with you on the commute, to the gym or wherever you want. Big data now touches us in so many ways, why not learn about it as you are creating and using data throughout your day? Not sure where to start? Just click the “Home” button and check out the Featured Videos and Podcasts, or the “Most Popular” section – it changes daily based on what visitors to the site like. 

Most of all, let us know what topics interest you and what you want to learn, and we will do our best to address them. Our goal is to make The Big Data Hub your first – and favorite – resource.

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